Customer Need

To engage Denver Broncos fans across the country online, ticket holders in-venue and create an interactive experience within their pre-game show.

Widget Function

Using the Collage Widget the Broncos were able to display fan photos, deliver sponsor ads and highlight the best of their marketing materials.


  • Over 87k tweet submissions
  • Over 100k Ad Impressions
  • Closer relationship with their fans.

The Ask

The Denver Broncos are always looking for new ways to engage their fans.  They wanted a single solution point that could bring real time social interaction into their venue, across their web properties and even into the pre-game show broadcast.  During their face-off with the Kansas City Chiefs, Wayin delivers a win for the whole management team.

The Delivery

Wayin provided a single Hub solution accessible to multiple Bronco departments that powered several communication channels, each with a unique experience.

Early in the week the @Broncos engaged their nearly 400k fans on Twitter and Vine asking for photo submissions leading up to game day.  Multiple hashtags were used to connect the conversations.

The pre-game broadcast team was able to showcase great Twitter fan photo submissions seamlessly into the pre-game broadcast. They were also able to curate tweets for the LIVE Q&A segment and display them on their giant scoreboard.

Broncos Control Room - Tweets on Scoreboard

Simultaneously at the other end of the stadium the marketing team could moderate incoming Twitter content and push it to their hub deployments on, their massive scoreboards as well as across their 1,100 closed circuit TV system throughout the stadium.  Sandy Young, Sr. Marketing Manager, moderates multiple feeds for several display channels all from one amazing seat!

Sandy Young, Sr. Mktg Manager, moderates multiple display feeds from one amazing seat!

This allowed fans in attendance to engage with the game while watching in the stands, waiting in line for a snack or anywhere in between.

There are 1,100 TVs on the concourse.

Using the COLLAGE WIDGET also allowed them to serve sponsor ads, highlight Broncos initiatives and deliver iconic brand imagery.

Ads and branded imagery live next to great social content.

The Report Card

By night’s end the Broncos had nearly 90k submissions via their promoted hashtags.

Dozens of moderated fan photos were seen in stadium and online.

Using revolving tiles in the Collage Widget they delivered ads with 30x increased frequency over static banners.

Their pre game show became an interactive experience with Twitter at the core.

Brand loyalty increased with fans via a true 2 way conversation.

The Broncos leveraged this energy right into the next game by updating their hub.

The Lesson Learned?

.    Generate excitement for an upcoming event using your existing fan base across your social networks and prove that you are listening.  Display the best submissions early to keep momentum.


Engage the audience wherever possible.  Use your existing infrastructure to the fullest. Tap into any available displays including online, mobile, TV or broadcast.  Integrate social into your content so the audience knows that you care and appreciate their involvement.

.    Keep the conversation going long after the lights are off.  Refresh your feeds and marketing materials.  Engage your ad partners to remarket together using social ad products that thank them for participation and lead them to a conversion; whether that’s to drive sales the next day, build momentum for the next event or simply to engage your audience in a true two way conversation.

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