10 Inspiring Broadcast Media Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Broadcast Media

Spurred by the growing digital economy and ever-evolving viewer habits, broadcast media is in the midst of profound change.

Although it hasn’t lost its resonance, the modern viewer seldom crowds around a television set to share broadcast experiences. They view ‘catch-up’ on tablets, download series to their mobiles, watch streaming services on laptops, and give their opinion on social media.

As viewers hopscotch between devices, and new disruptive competitors vie for viewer loyalty, it’s become a fight for consumer attention. Passive content no longer cuts it, and broadcasters need to offer interactive experiences on every digital touchpoint to engage once more.


Why not download our latest campaign book to discover 10 successful digital marketing ideas and strategies that innovative broadcasters launched on the Wayin platform, and learn how to:

  1. Increase revenue from digital campaign partnerships
  2. Maximize opt-ins with interactive ad-units
  3. Use live streaming to activate audience interaction
  4. Leverage and display authentic UGC in real-time to a live audience
  5. Engage TV viewers to increase campaign virality
  6. Showcase trending data in engaging live visualizations
  7. Integrate UGC in-venue to activate millions of fans
  8. Infuse social content with TV trailers to increase film revenue
  9. Drive engagement with businesses on-air
  10. Drive data acquisition and build CRM

Download Marketing Campaign Book


This campaign book features digital marketing campaigns from some of the world’s top broadcasters (Hallmark Channel, Capital FM, Scripps Networks Interactive to name a few), created using the Wayin platform:

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