10 Inspiring CPG Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas For 2017

10 Inspiring CPG Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas For 2017

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: CPG

From cleaning products to cooking sauces, instant coffee to ice-cream, Consumer Package Goods (CPG) brands manufacture the products that touch consumers lives every day.

However market saturation and the changing tastes of consumers from pre-packaged goods to organic and more local fare have presented many challenges for CPG brands in an already ultra competitive space.

But for CPG brands prepared to adopt a mix of digital marketing techniques, they can still reach consumers and increase market share. By employing interactive marketing experiences they can increase awareness, boost brand advocacy and engage the modern consumer at every digital touchpoint.


Why not download our latest campaign book to discover 10 successful digital marketing ideas and strategies that innovative CPG brands launched on the Wayin platform, and learn how to:

  1. Understand audience preferences to enhance product development
  2. Harness sponsorship to expand digital footprint
  3. Leverage multiple digital touch points to maximize data acquisition
  4. Drive digital engagement from physical products and packaging
  5. Increase brand engagement and drive product promotion using authentic UGC
  6. Increase in-store footfall
  7. Strengthen brand association with sponsored partnerships
  8. Use earned content to drive consumer trust
  9. Drive data acquisition and build CRM database
  10. Boost brand advocacy with interactive job listings

Download Marketing Campaign Book

10 Inspiring CPG Digital Marketing Campaigns Ideas For 2017
Download Marketing Campaign Book

This campaign book features digital marketing campaigns from some of the world’s top CPG brands (Heineken, Maple Leaf, Reckitt Benckiser to name a few), created using the Wayin platform:

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