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10 Reasons Digital Professionals Need A Campaign CMS

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A digital campaign CMS is probably the major missing part of your marketing stack. And this blind spot in your marketing strategy is costing you time, resource and revenue. Traditional broadcast mediums that lack innovation are out, and self-servicing platforms that enable user’s to create authentic, unique, interactive experiences are in.

Here’s 10 surefire reasons you need a digital campaign CMS that will help you engage and activate consumers across all digital touchpoints.

1. Campaign savings through automation

Wayin’s digital campaign CMS builds marketing experiences and automates data collection across any touchpoint, slashing campaign costs. Everything from Facebook Live, chatbots, interactive ads, mobile, OOH, in-store, and in-venue to name just a few, Wayin has you covered.

2. Increase the efficiency of digital agencies

Reduce and eliminate the constant rigmarole of unnecessary agency costs, by reusing, cloning, tweaking and rapidly delivering marketing campaign experiences.

3. Better global deployment of marketing campaigns

A digital campaign CMS empowers you to use any campaign in any territory. Global campaigns can be distributed instantly to different markets with our cloning and sharing capabilities.

4. Improved storytelling

Quickly augment and integrate brand storytelling with stunning user-generated content, sourced and displayed via the Wayin platform.

5. Speed up time to market of digital campaigns

Remove silos and long protracted campaign delivery processes. Unlike web content management or marketing automation tools, the Wayin Digital Campaign CMS was built to deliver in engaging interactive experiences…fast.

6. Build the CRM database

Boost lead generation and capture first party data through engaging experiences to amplify future marketing efforts.

7. Expand the brands digital engagement footprint

Campaigns created on the Wayin platform are not limited to desktop or mobile screens. Engage consumers on every available digital channel, from in-venue, OOH to digital signage.

8. Give your campaigns real-time interaction and feedback

Wayin’s extensive visualizations demonstrate how people are engaging with your campaign to help you optimize campaigns in real-time and stimulate further engagement.

9. Tap into the global experts at interactive campaigns

Our in-house Services team have run over 25,000 campaigns and are always at hand to provide expert guidance, optimization advice and campaign ideas throughout the marketing calendar.

10. Cost reduction through reuse and sharing

With Wayin, each and every campaign or marketing experience that is built by your agencies or internal staff, across brands, divisions or countries is saved to a global campaign library. Complete with in-depth metrics on its success. Digital professionals can easily search for any campaign type and be served relevant results. These can be rapidly and easily cloned, optimized and translated for local deployment.


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