10 Successful Travel Brand Digital Marketing Campaigns

10 Successful Travel Brand Digital Marketing Campaigns

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The meteoric rise of the ‘always-connected traveler’ has empowered consumers, while fundamentally impacting the way they buy, experience and share their vacations – before, during and after their trip. In fact, recent research shows 52% of travelers who book online now use a mobile device and 85% of international travellers have some kind of mobile device with them while travelling. Therefore, if travel firms can tap into this consumer power shift, they have a great opportunity to engage directly with travelers and establish a valuable long-term relationship.

So, what should travel brands do?

Progressive travel brands are focusing on a range of campaign tactics to grow, engage and convert their audiences and take market share. Whether it’s leveraging social advocacy, an interactive quiz or taking an omni-channel marketing approach, travel brands need to be relevant, ready and well-equipped.

A number of well known travel brands use the Wayin Campaign Experience platform to create and launch an array of highly effective campaigns with ease. Enabling them to drive engagement, boost brand affinity and increase sales conversions. They also use these campaign mechanics to tell compelling, interactive brand stories across every digital channel and collect rich audience data throughout the buyer journey.

With that in mind, why not download our latest campaign book to discover 10 successful digital marketing strategies that travel brands have launched on the Wayin Campaign Experience platform:

  1. Drive personalized travel recommendations
  2. Create custom social audiences for retargeting
  3. Enhance in-venue experiences with digital engagement
  4. Increase bookings with shoppable social hubs
  5. Inspire audience votes to promote vacation hotspots
  6. Increase mobile app downloads
  7. Make customers your best marketers
  8. Capitalize on consumer crazes and gain global PR
  9. Capture rich and actionable audience data
  10. Understand audience preferences

Download Campaign Book


This campaign book features campaigns from travel brands, like Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Air New Zealand, Ripley’s and more. You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage your social channels by using the optimal mix of branded and user-generated content.
  • Choose the best campaigns to drive engagement, clicks-throughs and conversions.
  • Deploy marketing campaigns that capture actionable data and deliver measurable ROI.