Share A Little Festive Cheer With The Integer Group #1000StarsStrong Good Deed Campaign

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With today’s world and all its daily distractions, it’s very easy to forget the impact individuals can have on one another. Too often, people are so busy, and doing a simple good deed for someone else can get forgotten. As a reminder that individuals have the power to affect each other in amazing ways, The Integer Group created #1000StarsStrong.

To get a little more information on the thoughts and inspiration behind the #1000StarsStrong movement we interviewed Dennis Wakabayashi, Group Director of Digital Marketing and Integration at The Integer Group.

Can you tell us a little about #1000StarsStrong and why The Integer Group started it.

#1000StarsStrong was an inspiration from our Executive Creative Director Jim Mckinnis. The goal was to bring all of Integer together across the nation and world to spread kindness in a way that would give anyone the chance to join us this holiday season.

Lucky for us Wayin joined the excitement and helped sponsor the website that empowers everyone to get in on the action. Together we created an inspirational portal that gives anyone a reason to “pay it forward” and spread kindness in every direction.


What were your main marketing objectives behind the campaign?

The reality is, that,  this was less of a campaign and more of movement born from an idea to create something beyond a simple holiday card. We realized that our agency together with Wayin could use the tools available to both of us to spark a movement across both agencies that extends into the world – an idea that spreading kindness is cool. We simply are giving people a way to do it.

What has been the #1000StarsStrong story so far?

The movement is spreading rapidly from our Dallas location and our Denver location outward across the globe. After day one of launch, we had close to 100 posts across the entire country and more people joining the movement daily.

What we’re seeing is a richer side of holiday sentiment and sharing that combines user generated content (UGC) with creativity and kindness in a way that most people expect or want during to participate in during the holiday, but rarely have an opportunity to engage because most brands opt for typical holiday greeting cards.


What are your hopes for #1000StarsStrong in the future?

Our goal was to provide a way for people to easily share stories of kindness, inspiration and hope. Most of all we wanted to provide a way for anyone, anywhere to be part of the experience. We’ve done that together with Wayin. In the future we’ll continue to build upon this experience with the goal that each year the movement grows.

The Wayin Technology

Wayin was able to support this campaign in a number of ways:

  • By tracking keywords and hashtags surrounding #1000StarsStrong
  • The User Generated Content featured on the website is being visualized using the advocacy section within the platform
  • Wayin  is using a CartoDB Map to visualize where the star cards  are being received and shared
  • Finally the platform is also providing an “Echo” function for people to Tweet right from the website

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