16 Reasons To Choose Wayin To Reduce Marketing Costs And Drive ROI

Jessica Williams E-Book

In the eternal scramble to make more sales and secure new customers, acquisition and campaign costs can rapidly escalate, adversely impacting your bottom line. Sure, every time the sales bell rings or the tills go kerching, it’s good for business, but at what cost to your profit margin?

Proactive business leaders understand that an organization must not just grow at speed, but at scale too. That’s where the importance of reducing build and deployment costs comes in. And scaling back the erroneous bucks shelled out to agencies for the same campaigns, year after year.

93% of CMOs say that they are under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI

With Wayin, cutting costs doesn’t mean compromising on your goals.

The Wayin App Store will enable you to boost your profit margin, by empowering your teams to reduce costs at speed, and to scale. Removing the need for expensive and timely ideation and build cycles every time you need to connect with your audience.

Slashing marketing costs, as well as driving acquisition, boosting engagement and increasing conversions. All without compromising your goals.

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  • 75+ campaigns to choose from
  • Simple to use with one-click global cloning
  • Easy to discover and curate UGC
  • Publish campaigns to any owned, earned and paid channels
  • Be GDPR ready with Wayin
  • Analyze campaign performance and hit KPIs
  • Leverage a personal library of reusable campaigns
  • Seamlessly push data to your CRM and DMP in real-time
  • Break data silos
  • Tap up our in-house experts
  • And much more…