20 Effective Food & Beverage Digital Marketing Campaigns

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Food & Beverage

From vegan to Vietnamese, tapas to Tex-mex, and delivery providers to drinks, food & beverage brands manufacture, cook and deliver the dishes and products that tantalize tastebuds and keep consumers fueled every day.

However, as staying in becomes the new going out, and disruptors like Deliveroo and Uber Eats rapidly courier à la carte dishes direct to hungry consumers, food & beverage brands have had to adapt or risk becoming antiquated. Menus are online, sides can be ordered at the swipe of a finger, and chatbots have replaced serving staff.

For many, this is a challenge, but for food & beverage brands prepared to adopt a mix of digital marketing techniques, they can still reach consumers and increase market share. By employing interactive marketing experiences they can increase zero-party data collection, build brand affinity and engage foodies on every digital touchpoint.



This campaign guide contains 15 successful Wayin-powered campaigns from leading food and beverage brands, complemented by 5 additional new and innovative campaign types to put your brand top of everyone’s menu.

    1. Profile consumers with swipeable interactive experiences
    2. Drive authentic brand advocacy
    3. Boost sales and zero-party data capture with incentive mechanics
    4. Fuel consumer demand with sponsored campaigns
    5. Incentivize fan engagement with caption contests
    6. Boost consumer engagement using instant win incentives
    7. Engage fans with multiple activations
    8. Drive sales conversions with authentic UGC
    9. Activate fans with online quizzes
    10. Increase in-store footfall
    11. Build audience profiles for personalized re-targeting
    12. Drive product sales with cross-channel coupon campaign
    13. Inspire social conversation and UGC creation
    14. Drive first-party data acquisition
    15. Understand audience insights using zero-party data
    16. Drive authentic UGC and brand advocacy
    17. Use coupon codes to reward loyal app users and drive sales
    18. Capture zero-party data within Instagram stories
    19. Collect zero-party data through interactive ad units
    20. Collect zero-party data to provide personalized product recommendations