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Industry Leaders Give Their 2019 Marketing Technology Predictions

Danny O'ReillyLast Updated: Digital Marketing Trends, Zero-Party Data

Wayin and The Internationalist brought together industry leaders, pioneers and influencers to give their top marketing technology predictions for 2019.

If 2018 was the year that consumer data protection came to the fore with privacy legislation sweeping the globe and scandals like Cambridge Analytica, our experts believe 2019 will be the year marketers put data to work and build more meaningful connections with consumers. Here’s what they had to say:

“The need to collect first-party data from your consumers and make a direct value exchange for your consumers. You provide them with something, and in return they give you their email address and what they’re interested in.”- Erin Bruehl, Brand Promotions and Social Media Lead, Priceline

Richard Jones


“My prediction for 2019 is exactly the same as Forrester’s. Marketers will have to turn to zero-party data as a strategy so that personalization and privacy can coexist. That means no snooping, but collecting data directly from the consumer by offering a value exchange in return for their preferences, intentions and desires. This is zero-party data.” – Richard Jones, CEO, Wayin

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Stefanos Karagos

“It’s time to find the connection with big data and zero-party data.” – Stefanos Karagos, CEO, XPLAIN

Robin Daniels

“Brands need to marry digital experiences with physical experiences. People more than ever crave human connection.” – Robin Daniels, SVP Marketing, WeWork

Scott Hurwitz

“2019 will be the year that marketing technology enables personalized experiences at scale. 2019 will be the first full year of the experience era.” – Scott Hurwitz, CMO, BloomReach

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