Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas: 25 Ways For Brands To Stand Out This Season

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Whilst the majority of consumers are laser focused on forthcoming barbecues, festivals and topping up their tans, for proactive marketers, the height of summer means it’s time to begin planning for Q4.

That’s right, you might still have your flip-flops on, and be wearing an extraordinary amount of linen, but it’s time to start thinking ahead because Santa Claus is indeed coming to town.

To help inspire you as you plan for Q4, we’ve put together a Holiday Marketing Campaign Book, stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey with interactive marketing campaign ideas and case studies from the world’s biggest brands. From spooky social stories to boost engagement throughout Halloween, to capitalizing on New Years excitement to drive first-party data collection, we’ve got a host of innovative campaigns to engage your customers, drive action and make the sleigh bells ring.

37.2% of online sales will be made in Q4

25 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas

So no more pining for Summer. Checkout these 25 campaigns and get inspired to drive ROI this holiday season, including successful digital marketing strategies to help you:

  1. Enhance in-venue experiences with digital engagement
  2. Provide personalized product recommendations to drive commerce
  3. Boost social engagement
  4. Capture first-party data within Instagram social stories
  5. Build your CRM database
  6. Generate authentic fan photos and content
  7. Maximize conversion rates
  8. Influence brand preference
  9. Drive repeat visitation
  10. Capture audience preferences
  11. Influence holiday purchases
  12. Drive seasonal UGC and brand advocacy
  13. Increase product sales
  14. Influence customer loyalty
  15. Reward loyal customers and obtain audience data
  16. Collect rich audience insights
  17. Increase sales of key products
  18. Use personalized content to maximize social sharing
  19. Use OOH digital signage to raise positive brand perception
  20. Drive viewership and fan participation
  21. Motivate fans and increase Facebook followers
  22. Boost social interaction
  23. Increase click-through rates and conversions
  24. Use coupons to drive sales
  25. Build anticipation and drive sales

This campaign book features digital marketing campaigns from some of the world’s top brands, from travel to retail, broadcast to publishing, created using the Wayin platform:


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