3 CPG Brands Using Zero-Party Data To Understand Purchase Intentions

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: CPG

From canned soup to cooking sauces, potato chips to pasta, CPG brands manufacture the products that touch consumer’s lives every day.

Today presents a time of digital opportunity for CPG brands dedicated to building meaningful and lasting connections with consumers. By leveraging interactive marketing experiences that offer a tangible value exchange in return for preference insights and purchase intentions, CPG brands can still be relevant in the hearts-and-minds of modern consumers, and grow market share.

Wayin has worked with world-renowned CPG brands to help them re-connect with consumers and create the products they truly love using zero-party data acquisition. Here are 3 examples of Wayin clients that are doing just that.

Air Wick

Using the Wayin platform, Air Wick created a microsite, housing a customized questionnaire to help inform its decision-making around future candle and scent product development. Visitors were asked to fill in a quick questionnaire on product design, and purchase motivations as well as sharing some basic PII data.

This efficient and effective online research approach replaced traditionally costly and lengthy research techniques, fuelled product development and loaded the CRM with high-quality zero-party data.


  • 15K Unique entries from target demographic fuelling future product development
  • 6x Cloned and deployed to six markets to understand audience preferences

“This was a really exciting initiative. We could quickly see how a live audience responded to a new idea, enabling us to make faster project decisions.”

– Caroline Stewart | Global Digital Brand Manager, Reckitt Benckiser

Air Wick Interactive Campaign


To drive awareness as part of Water Saving Day on 22nd March, Finish offered free detergent tablets to Brazilian consumers where dishwasher usage is lower than in most other markets. Finish used a bespoke, interactive water usage calculator for participants to see how much water they use specifically for their household size. Users could work their way through four simple questions, where upon completion, participants could receive their results along with useful tips on how to save water.

This interactive campaign hub enabled Finish to capture valuable customer habits, understand pain points and stimulate dishwasher usage.

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Choco Milk

Reckitt Benckiser brand; Choco Milk launched a gated coupon campaign to drive zero-party data acquisition, boost omni-channel engagement and ultimately maximize sales. Users were required to purchase Choco Milk from their local supermarket, and upload the code on their receipt.

Participants could then play the game to find the five hidden objects, before they were presented with an exclusive coupon code upon submission.

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