3 Food & Beverage Brands Using Zero-Party Data To Understand Preferences

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From vegan to Vietnamese, tapas to Tex-mex, and delivery providers to drinks, food & beverage brands manufacture, cook and deliver the dishes and products that tantalize taste buds and keep consumers fueled every day.

However, as staying in becomes the new going out, and disruptors like Deliveroo and Uber Eats rapidly courier à la carte dishes direct to hungry consumers, food & beverage brands have had to adapt or risk becoming antiquated. Menus are online, sides can be ordered at the swipe of a finger, and chatbots have replaced serving staff.

For many, this is a challenge, but for food & beverage brands prepared to adopt a mix of digital marketing techniques, they can still reach consumers and increase market share. By employing interactive marketing experiences they can increase zero-party data collection, build brand affinity and engage foodies on every digital touchpoint.

Here we’ll look at 3 food & beverage brands that are leveraging a fully-fledged zero-party data strategy to deliver engaging, interactive, and relevant experiences to connect with foodies, understand preferences and purchase intentions, and deliver hyper-personalized marketing initiatives.

Fun Fact: of all brand mentions on Twitter, food and drink brands are mentioned the most.


To drive engagement around New Zealand’s hit reality dating TV show; Heartbreak Island, TVNZ 2 published a mobile-first Tinder inspired swipe poll to its Facebook page. Sponsored by KFC, fans could vote on the hottest couples of the week using intuitive controls and submit their personal details to be in with the chance to win a vacation from Helloworld NZ.

Upon completion, fans were then provided with poll results showcasing the three hottest couples voted for. To incentivize participation, entrants were provided with a carousel, jam-packed with digital coupons to download and redeem in various KFC stores.


To boost engagement amongst rugby fans, New Zealand professional rugby union team; Gallagher Chiefs teamed up with food manufacturer, Leader to launch a lighthearted voting activation. Centred around finding the perfect burger recipe, fans could vote for their favorite burger represented by one of three Chiefs’ players in return for the chance to win an array of prizes.

To confirm their entry, participants were required to submit their personal details, including their name, email address and phone number within the form provided. To drive valuable marketing opt-ins, fans could also select whether they would like to be kept updated with the latest information from Chiefs Rugby and / or Leader.

Upon completion, participants were presented with live poll results to see which Rugby player is hitting the top of the leaderboard. The confirmation page also directed fans to view the exclusive recipes for each burger, so they can recreate their favorites!

AB InBev

AB InBev knows there’s often nothing better than a cold, refreshing beer on a hot summer’s day. To promote its brand new lighter beer, Michelob Ultra hosted an exciting contest to keep followers on track to staying healthy and balanced throughout summer.

For the chance to win an exciting NYC marathon prize package, participants simply had to take part in the simple act of plogging; a Swedish wellness trend combining running with picking up waste. To begin their entry, followers were required to submit their personal contact details within the form provided, and could answer a few questions surrounding their previous marathon experience, if any. To complete their registration, participants could then share their photo entry to their social channels using the hashtags #TeamULTRA and #Contest, whilst also tagging @michelobULTRA, and then had to add the URL to their social handle within the form.

To repurpose this data for personalized future marketing campaigns, participants could also opt-in to keep informed of the latest news and offers from Michelob ULTRA.

Why Not Try…

Based on fans’ food preferences, why not create personalized recipe recommendations to boost in-store grocery sales. Tie all this together with data capture mechanics and re-target consumers with relevant offers.

Scientists call it ‘choice paradox’ – the difficulty in encouraging customers to buy when you have such a wide product range. By using Cheetah Experiences’ product picker, brands can directly ask fans to answer a number of tailored questions around their food and beverage preferences, how they shop, and their potential budget. Through these interactive experiences, marketers can quickly and easily collect zero-party data at speed and scale, ready to better personalize their services, offers and product recommendations with no guesswork.

After this information is submitted, brands can instantly present fans with a personalized recommendation, suggesting products specifically suited to them.

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