Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Won The Attention Of Fans

3 Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Won The Attention Of Fans

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Mother’s Day, the one day a year we actually stop, think and truly appreciate how much our mom’s do for us. On the flip side, marketers are already busy planning for upcoming Mother’s Day marketing campaigns to help inspire consumer action and trigger engagement. And with 70% of Mother’s Day-focused online activity expected to occur during the prior week and an estimated total of $21.4 billion spent in the US, there’s plenty of opportunity for forward-thinking brands to capture attention and secure business.

Whether it be an interactive quiz to profile consumers and collect data, or an authentic user-generated content campaign to showcase all the great things our mom’s do for us, creating digital marketing campaigns that spark conversation and drive engagement around holiday’s such as Mother’s Day can do wonders for your brand.

Therefore, to provide you with some inspiration for your upcoming Mother’s Day marketing campaign planning, we’ve pulled together a selection of three Mother’s Day campaigns created on the Wayin platform. Plus, provided some useful insights on how you don’t need to ever waste a campaign investment again.


Objective: Encourage moms to create and share UGC for out-of-home advertising

Mother's Day Marketing Campaign Idea from LGTo take maximum advantage of the social conversation surrounding Mother’s Day, LG transformed Times Square’s digital billboards into real-time marketing displays to showcase #MomsConfessions. “Confessors” were prompted to share their photos from an extremely user-friendly LG-branded sharing page to any number of social platforms, where LG could then curate, moderate and publish content across their website and out-of-home displays. A total of 35% of all submitted UGC was published to the giant billboard, and from its huge success, the campaign received National recognition via AdWeek articles and received multiple award nominations.


Objective: Acquire valuable and actionable audience data

Mother's Day Digital Marketing Campaign From Powershop

Known for its fun and lighthearted brand personality, energy company, Powershop, created a Mother’s Day edition of ‘Power Polls’. Powershop asked followers to select the word that best describes their mum in return for the chance to spoil their mum with some exciting prizes as an incentive for participation. Upon submission, participants were required to provide a few personal details and select whether or not they were a customer, enabling Powershop to capture valuable audience data for future marketing activities, and also understand the makeup of their Facebook audience base.


Objective: Drive campaign sharing by rewarding Nectar card users

Mother's Day digital marketing campaign idea from NectarDuring the build-up to Mother’s Day, Nectar gave its fans a helping hand when it came to finding the perfect gift. To show mum’s just how much they’re loved, appreciated, and cared for, Nectar offered participants the chance to win some incredible gifts including Hotel Chocolat selections, great Red Letter Days, as well as spa days from Prezzybox and For the chance to win, participants were required to submit their personal details, and had the chance to opt-in to receive future marketing communications, providing Nectar with actionable audience data. What’s more, for an additional chance to win, participants could share the campaign with their friends to drive further entries, leading towards a total of over 1k shares!


Typically campaigns are built once and then thrown away. It’s a huge waste and means that companies can’t reuse, share or leverage the investments they are making from their campaigns.

With Wayin you can leverage your creativity across markets, departments and seasons by tapping into your company’s private App Campaign Library. All your past campaigns are saved, searchable by KPI, and available to all your teams. When a marketer finds a previous campaign they like for a particularly cultural moment, they can find out more information on the results and how it worked, then easily clone, translate and customize it to fit their use-case. No coding necessary. It’s revolutionary.

Plus, no need to worry, if you don’t have a marketing campaign planned for the day, you still have some time to get in touch with our services team.

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