3 Soccer Clubs Using A Zero-Party Data Strategy To Increase Fan Engagement

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In the eternal struggle to win silverware, compete for player signings and maximize commercial revenues, fan loyalty can all-too-often be taken for granted. However, proactive soccer clubs are cognisant that fan engagement initiatives are just as important as results on the pitch.

Elite soccer clubs are leveraging interactive digital experiences to engage fans, and more importantly, collect their motivations, intentions, interests, and preferences to truly personalize their experiences with the club.

The solution to better personalization and fan engagement is zero-party data.

For the uninitiated, zero-party data is not first-party data with a Champions League rebrand. First-party data is collected during ticket, shirt and merchandise sales, and includes things like past purchases, mailing address, date of birth and the like. All valuable information, but it’s purchase history, rather than future purchasing intentions.

Here we’ll look at 3 elite soccer clubs who are leveraging a fully-fledged zero-party data strategy to connect with fans on every digital channel and collection the preference insights and permissions required to drive personalization initiatives.

Paris Saint-Germain

Social Stories are the new newsfeed for digitally savvy sports fans who are eschewing social media timelines. Contextually relevant and chronological, these snapshots are resonating with consumers and proving a catalyst for conversions and zero-party data collection for brands.

To celebrate PSG’s involvement in the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League, the French Champions launched an interactive social story that gave fans the chance to win tickets. The story boasted simple PII data capture forms that loaded instantly, keeping fans engaged.

  • 57% conversion rate

English Premier League Soccer Club

A value shared by elite sports clubs is that connecting with core fans is invaluable to driving growth. Capturing fans’ motivations, intentions, interests, and preferences at scale lets you truly personalize each fans experience with the club.

A Champions League regular and Premier League heavyweight soccer club works with Wayin to collect fan insights through interactive experiences. These interactive experiences conduct market research, accrue opt-ins and deliver an altogether better experience with a tangible value exchange for the fan.

Through a combination of social stories, polls, quizzes and giveaways, that incorporate incentive mechanics, the soccer club collected zero-party data at speed and scale. The team were able to identify that the revenue generated by new contacts collected through Wayin campaigns, who then converted into a transaction with the club spend on average $97 on club retail, ticketing or membership products.

  • $93 average spend on club products from new contacts per year
  • 165% increase in contacts acquired through Wayin- powered campaigns
  • 50% campaign views

West Ham United

As anticipation built around the upcoming Premier League season, West Ham United drove fan engagement with an interactive Squad Builder. Participants could get creative and build their own fantasy West Ham United squad by selecting their favorite players and creating their own formations; providing powerful insights for West Ham to understand the most popular players for future marketing initiatives.

Upon building their team, fans were required to submit their personal details to confirm their entry and reveal their final squad formation. Participants were also encouraged to share their squad with their friends using the social sharing actions provided to drive further engagement and maximize campaign reach.

Zero-Party Data Maturity Model

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