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3 Tips for Planning Holiday Marketing Campaigns to Engage Consumers

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Summer is officially over. That means three things: back-to-school time for kids, boots season for women (yay!) and holiday campaign planning for marketers.

A recent report found that 80% of marketers haven’t yet started planning their holiday marketing campaigns. With Black Friday less than three months away, now’s the time to get started. So get out the eggnog, throw on some seasonal carols, and grab the marketing team for a holiday campaign planning session.

Here are 3 tips for planning holiday marketing campaigns to engage consumers.

1: Start a conversation.

Marketing is no longer about one-way megaphone messaging. It’s a two-way street. Use participatory elements to make your audience part of the conversation. Integrating consumer opinions and content into your campaign builds early brand excitement and creates more authentic, trustworthy marketing campaigns.

2: Be relevant.

Showing up to the party isn’t enough. If you’ve ever been stuck talking to someone droning on about the weather or their kid’s nap schedule, you know this is true. Nothing kills a connection faster than generic conversation. Do your research and find out what matters to your audience. Base your campaigns on actual social trends and data rather than hunches. As the great marketer Jay Baer says, the difference between helping and selling is just two letters. Make your campaign useful. Don’t just tell a story; make it matter.

3: Always be closing.

Closing is not just for the sales team. Marketers, it’s time to channel Alec Baldwin and ask yourselves: how can I get them to sign on the line which is dotted? Just like it does no good to talk to a cute guy at a party and not trade numbers, capturing consumers’ attention isn’t enough. You need something in order to continue this relationship. Whether it’s an email address or a product review, create a clear call-to-action that collects data to enable future interactions.

Ready to get started?

Download our Holiday Campaign Lookbook to get inspired with ideas from CNN, Clarks, and other top brands.

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