3 Travel Brands Using Zero-Party Data To Drive Personalized Recommendations

Jessica Williams Travel, Travel & Tourism

The travel industry is a vertical hallmarked by browser culture and booking indecision. Vacationists traditionally scan up to 40 sites over a 6 week consideration period before finally committing to their dream trip.

The heightened degree of choice, deals and distractions have made standing out from the crowd increasingly difficult. But for those travel brands that adopt a zero-party data approach, this needn’t be the case.

Progressive travel brands are connecting directly with vacationists, and collecting the preference insights and booking intentions required to deliver hyper-personalized travel recommendations to increase market share. Here are 3 examples of Wayin clients that are doing just that.


For 20 years Priceline.com has been satisfying vacation goers’ thirst for wanderlust by finding the best flight and accommodation deals and delivering them in real-time to consumers. But to deliver the right deals at the right time, Priceline required a laser-focused strategy to collect preference insights, vacation desires and motivations from its customers to power truly personalized marketing.

“With tools like Wayin we’re getting data directly from our customers. We are providing them with some sort of value, whether it’s a fun quiz to tell them what’s the best destination for them… we can use that information to better target them with content that’s of use to them.”

– Erin Bruehl, Brand Promotions and Social Media Lead, Priceline.com

As vacation-goers searched for the hottest summer getaways, Priceline.com launched a visual and engaging category quiz amongst its website, with an accompanying social wall to capture its followers’ latest travels to Texas. On completion of the quiz, participants were provided with a description of their ideal City break location tailored from their responses. To incentivize participation, followers were also automatically entered to be in with the chance to win a trip to their dream location!

Air New Zealand

To promote and recommend a range of its US long-haul flight destinations, Air New Zealand launched an interactive category quiz, which neatly profiled visitors on their favorite pastimes.

The quiz involved six multiple-choice questions, whereby contestants had to select one image-based answer from nine – all relevant to long-haul US travel flight destinations.

Once the carefully crafted questions had been answered, contestants were required to enter a few personal contact details to secure their entry to the contest. They could also opt-in to future marketing communications, providing Air New Zealand with rich zero-party data to use for personalized retargeting. On completion, entrants were then recommended a travel destination based on their answers and preferences.

38:1 ROI
100K zero-party data records captured

Marriott Bonvoy

To drive online engagement and promote exclusive resorts in Waikiki, Marriott Hawaii hosted a stunning personality quiz on its website. Participants were taken through a selection of engaging vacation-related questions to discover what their preferences and interests were, and on completion of the quiz were presented with a Waikiki resort tailored to their quiz results.

Marriott Hawaii could utilize this zero-party data to profile its customers, and segment its audience for personalized retargeting.

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