4 Advent Calendars To Engage Consumers During The Holidays (And Beyond)

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The halls are decked, Santa is prepped and ‘Fairytale of New York’ is on repeat. The most wonderful (and expensive) time of the year is here, with nearly 40% of annual sales expected to be transacted in the final quarter of 2017.

But with every brand vying for fickle consumer attention and inboxes overflowing with the same old offers, how do brands stand out from the crowd, and be more like Rudolph and less like the other lot whose names we forget?

Well, our clients have done just that, putting an exciting and innovative twist on the traditional advent calendar, revealing engaging new elements daily to encourage repeat visitation throughout the holiday season. Whether it be giving fans the chance to enter a sweepstakes, or perhaps unlocking a sneak peek video clip to build anticipation, the reveal campaign can be used to help achieve a plethora of business goals. Using these reveal campaign activations can do wonders for your brand, not solely at Christmas, but for any occasion throughout the year.

To provide you with some inspiration as the new year approaches, we have pulled together a selection of our top four Advent Calendar campaigns created on the Wayin platform, plus some useful information on how this activation can used to meet specific business goals throughout the year. So heat yourself up a glass of mulled wine, and have a read of this year’s top advent calendars.

Priceline.com Introduces 12 Days Of Deals To Brighten The Holiday Travel Season

Objective: Reward participants and inspire travel bookings with deals and offer incentives

Throughout December, Priceline.com is engaging website visitors with 12 exciting days of deals, offers and prize giveaways. The advent calendar encourages visitors to come back every other day to unlock a new window, where they can submit their personal details in return for the chance to access the exclusive deal. From tickets to a warm Mexican vacation getaway, to an exclusive 5% off Express Deal hotels, the calendar is sure to put a smile on follower’s faces this Christmas. And, even if the day has passed, Priceline.com still inspires travel bookings by including a ‘book now’ call-to-action on each window.

Nectar Joins Forces With Santa In A 5 Million Secret Points Giveaway

Objective: Drive repeat website visitation and engagement amongst Nectar card holders

To drive engagement amongst consumers throughout December, Nectar has teamed up with the main man himself (yes, Santa!), to give away 5 million of his Nectar points, equivalent to a whopping £25,000. To get involved, card holders must open a door on the Christmas tree advent calendar every day, and answer the given question for the chance to bag themselves at least 200,000 Nectar points. Each door holds a small clue to the question that participants must answer, where they must submit their personal details to enter. What’s more, Nectar is giving away a bonus prize every Saturday, so participants have every reason to get involved!

HGTV Canada Celebrates The Festive Season With 15 Days Of Holiday Tips, Tricks And Prize Giveaways

Objective: Capture valuable audience data and HGTV Canada newsletter opt-ins

As the Christmas decorations start to make their annual appearance, glistening lights take over the streets, and mulled wine begins to hit the shelves, the countdown to Christmas is officially underway. HGTV Canada is capitalizing on the seasonal occasion with an engaging, ‘15 Days of Holiday Giveaways’ advent calendar to build excitement throughout the festive season for its channel, HGTV Canada. By revealing plenty of holiday content, tips, tricks, and not to mention 15 exciting prize giveaways, participants have every reason to get involved! Participants can submit their personal details and also choose to opt-in to receive the HGTV Canada newsletter for the latest updates, providing HGTV with valuable audience data that can be reused in future marketing promotions.

H.Samuel Boosts Its Social Following With #SparkleThisChristmas Advent Calendar

Objective: Maximize social following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Signet Jewellers is adding a dash of holiday sparkle to its store, H.Samuel, with a month long advent calendar. Each and every day, H. Samuel is revealing an exclusive prize giveaway on selected jewellery items. To get involved, participants must follow H.Samuel on social media using the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook icons provided, and are required to submit their personal details to confirm their entry. To support in helping to boost its social following, H.Samuel is also using the hashtag #SparkleThisChristmas to drive social conversation and maximize campaign awareness.

The flexibility of reveal campaigns offer marketers a truly meaningful and exciting way to engage brand advocates with fresh content reveals day-by-day. There is no restriction on the number of promotions you can reveal, and there are multiple customizable layouts available for how it can look. Some benefits include:

  • Increase campaign engagement through repeat audience visitation
  • Tell compelling brand stories with daily interactive, unique content reveals
  • Drive consistent data acquisition across multiple digital channels

For more ideas, inspiration and examples on how to utilize the reveal campaign activation to drive measurable marketing results, check out our previous blog post.

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