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4 Challenges the Wayin Experience Library Solves for the Agency of the Future

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There was a time in the recent past when marketers were a little more laissez-faire about failed digital campaigns. The enthusiasm for new technologies and emerging interactive experiences overrode the negativity surrounding relative flops.

However, today’s is a digital native. Technology savvy and laser focused on results, efficiency, user experience and ROI. They demand technology that frees them from the shackles of IT, and as a result of the tolerance for campaign failure is no more.

For agencies, pitching a marketing technology solution to a client is a tricky proposition. The quandary of how to implement a simple, elegant, digital campaign solution, and whether their agency can actually deliver it.

Here are 4 challenges the Wayin Experience Library solves for the forward thinking agency of the future.


1. Increased Confidence

Clients are always weary of an agencies ability to deliver what it promises. Whether it be functionality, hitting deadlines, coming in under budget or all of the above. By nature, agencies thrive on the perspiration of the last minute dash to deliver, and inevitably QA falls through the cracks.

Fortunately, confidence is hardwired into the experiences contained in the Wayin Experience Library. The readily available functionality in the Wayin Experience Library allows agencies to deliver marketing solutions with increased confidence. Even more importantly, it allows agencies to “sell” marketing technology solutions with confidence.


2. Speed of Time to Market

As the old adage goes “time is money” and this is the motto for all marketing clients. The time it takes to ideate and create a campaign represents lost time, revenue and increased cost for marketing clients.

Marketers demand short campaign construction timelines and agencies are infamous for taking longer than estimated to deliver their work.

The readily available functionality in the Wayin Experience Library presents a QTM (quick to market) digital campaign delivery platform for agencies which addresses this concern. All campaigns can be cloned, tweaked, optimized and deployed in an instant.


3. Smarter and More Efficient

With display ads accruing click-through rates much lower than 0.1%, there’s much skepticism concerning the ROI of utilizing marketing and advertising technologies. And rightly so.

For all too long agencies have splurged budgets trying re-invent the wheel, instead of finding ways to reuse successes of the past. Or they rely too heavily on solutions provided by behemoth brands such as Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, etc. These are of course very robust solutions but they fail in the simple, elegant, digital marketing solution test.

The Wayin Experience Library, moves the discussion away from technology implementation and complicated IT infrastructure and back into the hands of the marketer – a scenario that leads to smarter, more effective marketing spend.


4. Understanding the Business

“How well do you know my business?” Can often be the make or break situation in any agency pitch.

The problem here is that all too often the focus is about the technology and not about the solution for the business. Clients want to work with a partner who understands their business and steers them away from complex solution implementations.

Agencies can leverage the Wayin Experience Library to create vertically specific versions of experiences by overlaying their experience and understanding of the client’s business and embedding this into an experience. This results in a collection of functionality in the Experience Library that exudes an understanding of the client’s business.

So whether it be client confidence, speed of time to market, efficiency or business understanding, harness the power and simplicity of the Wayin Experience Library. You can get an in-depth scoop on how the Wayin Experience Library solved Andy Jacob’s Agency Challenges here.


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