4 Reasons Creative Directors Use Wayin To Meet Their Digital Campaign Goals

Danny O'ReillyLast Updated: Broadcast Media

No profession has tighter timelines to contend with than Creative Directors in the Media and Publishing industry. Juggling countless projects and managing multiple stakeholders expectations.

That’s why Creative Directors need to leverage a Digital Campaign CMS to help them pick up the slack and meet their campaign goals.

Wayin helps creatives, by providing you with the tools to rapidly ideate, create and deploy multiple campaign types. Here’s 4 ways we can help you reach your digital campaign goals:


1. Drive efficiency across your media organization

We know automation isn’t the be all and end all of creating campaigns. A good campaign that drives engagement and delivers results requires a human touch. But with impending deadlines and the tightest of timescales, a little automation can help you build creative solutions, reduce costs and boost business.


2. Create bespoke interactive campaigns for advertisers

From sweepstakes to quizzes, user-generated content to live polls, Wayin has an ever-growing list of interactive experiences that will start engaging consumers again. These can be built in editorial ad-units or social ads to help you rapidly increase the number of digital propositions on offer. Start connecting with consumers again and create campaigns that get advertisers excited too.


3. Speed of delivery

Time, or lack there of is the bane of all Creative Directors. With tools like Theme Editor, Page Builder and the easy to use Wayin Campaign App Store, Creative Directors can cut through silos and slow delivery process and get campaigns out the door rapidly.


4. A library of campaign solutions that can be cloned and reused

With so much of marketing a cyclical affair, save time on the rigmarole of campaign ideation and creation by having a library of successful interactive digital campaigns at your disposal.

Whether Thanksgiving, The Holidays or Random Acts of Kindness Day, simply search through campaigns by type, cultural moment, KPI or any host of granular metic then rapidly clone, optimize, localize and launch.