4 Retailers Using A Zero-Party Data Strategy To Engage Modern Consumers

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For generations, shoppers visited retail stores on the high-street, chatted to expert sales teams and made considered decisions based on the trusted advice they were given. This has all changed.

Today shoppers browse in-store, only to purchase cheaper online. They expect one-click checkout, next day delivery, free returns and take advice from peers on social media ahead of any staff or celebrity endorsements.

Modern shoppers need to be entertained, engaged and receive something in return for their attention and preference data. Retailers can deliver this through interactive experiences that conduct research, accrue opt-ins and deliver an altogether better experience for the consumer.

Wayin has worked with world-leading retailers to help them re-connect with consumers, drive sales and engage consumers using zero-party data acquisition. Check out these 4 examples of Wayin clients that are doing just that, and discover why the shift to zero-party data marketing is so important to retailers.

52% of consumers would share personal data in exchange for product recommendations


To take the guesswork out of understanding the travel intentions of vacationists, Nectar published a short survey consisting of six vacation-related questions. From learning which month vacationists intend to go away, to what modes of transport they plan on taking to get there, the survey aims to personalize Nectar’s marketing communications for travel services, offers and vacation recommendations.


  • 77% conversion rate

Pets at Home

To help understand consumer insights and product preferences, Pets at Home published an interactive, research-focused campaign experience specifically targeted at its VIP members as part of its ‘My VIP Awards’.

With various categories and product choices, participants could make their way through a set of automated, engaging questions in a conversational form.


  • 140K campaign entries


Using Wayin’s library of multi-channel campaign experiences to drive zero-party data, Bowtech has scrapped the budgets traditionally put towards market research by going direct to market themselves. As a result, Bowtech has a far better understanding of the interests, motivations and desires of its customers, which informs the marketing content it creates, the products it manufactures and the marketing offers it makes.


  • This strategy enabled them to outperform competitors by 20% in sales, whilst reducing $1.2M of marketing spend.


Watch Bowtech Client Spotlight Video

Tim Glomb, Director of Digital at Bowtech discusses how they are using a variety of interactive marketing experiences to collect zero-party data, save costs and drive revenue.


Camelbak asked its customers to get creative and submit their best photos through social channels using the #LivingColorful hashtag to show their CamelBak bottle in action. By seamlessly merging this content with branded product shots and shoppable links they saw significant increases in bottle sales.


  • 19.9% increase in bottle sales in just 5 weeks

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