4 Ways Wayin Can Help Media Owners Reach Their Revenue Goals

Danny O'ReillyLast Updated: Broadcast Media

The media and publishing landscape has evolved like no other vertical. The decline in print, followed by the proliferation of ad publishing, supplanted by an era of social media, citizen journalism, ad-blocking and barren click-through rates.

For Commercial Directors looking for new revenue streams that are here to stay, ads are old news, but the Wayin Digital Campaign CMS is hot of the press.

Here’s 4 ways it can help you reach your revenue goals:

1. Grow Ad Revenue By Over 25%

There are countless strategical reasons Commercial Officers need new and innovative ways to drive ad revenue. Wayin has partnered with some of the world’s largest and most revered media organizations to extend their portfolios and drive digital revenues.

With upwards of 50 interactive campaign types to choose from most of our clients grow ad revenue by over 25%.

2. Rapidly increase the number of digital propositions

From sweepstakes to quizzes, user-generated content to live polls, Wayin has an ever-growing list of interactive experiences that will start engaging consumers again. These can be built in editorial ad-units or social ads to start connecting with consumers again.

3. Cost reduction through reuse and sharing

No need to reinvent the wheel every time the Holidays, Thanksgiving or World Cookie Day comes alongs. Save time, resource and most importantly money, by leveraging your personal campaign app library of successful digital campaigns.

Search through campaigns by type, cultural moment, KPI or any host of granular metic then rapidly clone, optimize, localize and launch.

4. Leverage our expert in-house Services team

Tap into the global industry experts at interactive campaigns. Wayin’s in-house Services team have run over 25,000 campaigns and are always at hand to provide expert guidance, optimization advice and campaign ideas throughout the marketing calendar to help media owners squeeze the most out of their digital campaigns.

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