How chatbot marketing campaigns drive sales

5 Ways Chatbots Can Help Marketers Drive Sales

Danny O'ReillyLast Updated: Chatbots, Featured

Chances are you’ve used a chatbot. If you ever furiously typed “go away” in shouty caps to the Windows paperclip last millennium, asked Siri to beatbox, or got stuck in the perpetual telecoms cycle of “yes” or “no” after the beep, then you’re a bonafide chatbot aficionado. Or you were.

Thankfully, this rather novelty and negative user experience has been consigned to the annals of history. Chatbots have undergone a reboot, and now, they not only work, but they save businesses and consumers time, bridging the gap between resource and customer service.

Here we look at five surefire ways chatbots can help you hit your marketing goals and be the catalyst for conversions.

1. Gaining customer insights

Marketers dedicate huge resource to carefully crafting buyer personas. The customer insight required to build these involve huge data sets, costly focus groups and time-consuming questionnaires.

A chatbot can be your knight in shining aluminium, learning your customer’s pain points, their habits, preferences and purchasing patterns.

With this information you will be much better equipped to market to your prospects and plot the direction of your roadmap. It’s not just product development though, chatbots can set the course for your marketing strategy too, ascertaining what types of content to create to answer common barriers to conversion.

Chatbots consumer insights and audience preferences example

2. Personalizing your marketing efforts

Personalization has long been the blue-ribbon buzzword from the marketer’s playbook. All dabble with it, but all can all do better. But as brands strive for online consistency, conversely it makes delivering bespoke experiences that little bit more problematic.

The next-generation of chatbots can assist, humanizing automation and delivering made-to-measure experiences that are akin to being in a physical store.

Not merely delivering a greeting, a chatbot can find relevant content, tailored to your prospect’s needs. Like a friendly shop assistant, talking you through items you might be interested in based on your preferences. No trawling through complicated filters, categories and product pages.

3. Rebuild baskets and reduce website abandonment

A customer hopscotches around your site, dropping various items into their basket that have piqued their interest. There’s a modicum of purchasing intent, but they’re probably just browsing at this stage, and will likely abandon their basket. A familiar story? Unfortunately, across all industries, 83% of purchases are abandoned. But there’s hope.

This is where a chatbot can fire, offering to save the items as a wish-list, floating a promo-code to tempt the sale, or simply engaging the customer to keep them on site. It’s great customer service, it’s proactive, and gives you an opportunity of making an otherwise lost sales.

Chatbot marketing campaign to drive sales

4. Building your database

Growing your database with high-quality leads can be difficult. Do you go down the rabbit-hole of purchasing third party lists, hope people proffer their email address in return for your newsletter, or market to already converted customers?

By using your chatbot to attain email addresses for wish-list saving, basket rebuilding or other relevant content, you’re quickly building your database, filling your pipeline and generating future sales.

You can turn forms into engaging conversations by replacing dull text fields with chatbots designed to embrace your brands personality. Instead of seeing conversions left on the table, elicit meaningful responses and accrue those all important leads. The end of boring data collection.

5. Conversion through engagement

Engagement sits just behind personalization in buzzword bingo and it’s crucial pillar of any marketing strategy. From delivering quick quizzes or fun sweepstakes, a chatbot can engage, learn and funnel people to your main site.

But they can go further than that. It’s now possible for chatbots to imitate influencers, simulating their personalities, and offering advice, tips and coupons. With Youtube and Instagram stars racking up swathes of social followers and holding more clout than traditional celebrities it’s possible to truly monetize engagement.

Many users are still a little wary when it comes to handing over personal details or payment details on social sites or messaging apps. However, a chatbot can guide people to your main website through a promo-code, where they will feel much more secure in giving sensitive information and confident to complete their purchase.

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Chatbots might be able to finally fool the Turing test, but they don’t want to talk about the meaning of life and they don’t have views on the US presidency. They’re here to complete tasks, drive engagement and secure conversions. To learn more about how chatbots can help boost your business, get in touch today.