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5 Ways To Reduce Marketing Campaign Costs And Make ROI

Danny O'ReillyLast Updated: App Store, Campaign Planning

In the eternal scramble to make more sales and secure new customers, acquisition and campaign costs can rapidly escalate, adversely impacting your bottom line. Sure, every time the sales gong gets struck, or the tills go kerching, it can’t be bad for business, but at what cost to your margin?

That’s where the importance of reducing build and deployment costs comes in. And scaling back the erroneous bucks shelled out to agencies for the same old campaign after campaign.

Wayin helps you boost your profit margin, by empowering you to reduce costs at speed, and to scale. Removing the need for expensive and timely ideation and build cycles every time you need to connect with your audience and deliver an interactive marketing experience. Here’s just five of the ways we can help you boost your profit margin.

1. Rapid Deployment With Easy Wizard & Editor Builds

Rapidly configure and personalize campaigns with our easy to use wizard tool. It’s drag and drop functionality helps you to quickly create forms and campaigns, and intuitive modules enable you to create the optimal user experience.

Absolutely no coding or developer skills necessary. Whether you need to amend font colors, styling, text or any functionality whatsoever, you won’t require a certificate from CSS college.


vodafone logo    Vodafone made $3.5m savings in campaign build cost in just 6 months

2. One-Click Global Cloning

All too many platforms require a developer degree to launch campaigns. But that doesn’t fit in a modern organization, where many departments have shared goals and need to pull together to launch engaging campaigns.

Wayin lets you manage multiple brands, in numerous territories with no IT skills necessary. Localizing campaigns at speed and scale and allowing you a constant stream of consistent, qualitative data capture with no data silos. We’re not talking weeks, days or hours, but minutes.


Reckitt Benckiser logo   Reckitt Benckiser clones 1 campaign across 26 markets in less than an hour

3. Library Of Reusable Campaigns

Much of marketing is a cyclical affair, with the same cultural moments popping up on the calendar year after year, triggering similar campaigns: the gift of giving at Christmas, a little love for Valentine’s or scarily good campaigns for Halloween.

Yet year on year, all too many marketers try to reinvent the wheel, treating campaigns like a disposable coffee cup. Once used, consigned to the trash bin.

With Wayin, marketers can create, save and reuse any campaign experience. All previous campaigns, as well as a vault of preset Wayin campaigns are saved to your own personal library. All searchable by cultural moment, campaign type or KPI, then simply clone, tweak and publish. Voila.


Bauer media logo   Bauer Media delivered 600+ campaigns in first 2 months

4. Publish To Every Digital Channel

Campaigns created with Wayin are not merely limited to desktop or mobile screens, you can engage consumers on every available digital touchpoint. Whether yourIn customers spend their time scrolling social media, chatting on messenger apps or attending live events, whatever channel your customer spends their time engaged with, Wayin can make sure you’re front-and-centre. If it’s digital, it’s covered.

In the multimedia age, static content is not enough to engage consumers, and brands can increase engagement and conversions by integrating interactive elements into any online destination.

5. Easily Discover and Curate Earned Content

Discovering, curating and publishing high-quality user-generated content can be time and resource expensive. The traditional techniques of social media teams poring through countless channels to identify, moderate and get the rights to content is impractical for a modern, fast-paced business.

Wayin has a whole host of innovative campaign experiences that allow you to generate swathes of earned content by harnessing filters and hashtag mechanics that will automatically digest, moderate, obtain rights to and publish earned content to your digital channels.

UGC powered websites are proven to see decreases in bounce rates, higher click-throughs rates, longer dwell time and boosts in website traffic.


camelbak logo   Camelbak increased sales by 19.2% by displaying UGC from Wayin campaign


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