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6 Ways to Use Instagram Content for Brand Marketing  

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Instagram propelled itself in December 2014 to become the second largest and fastest growing social network – increasing growth by over 50%, and surpassing Twitter’s 284 million active users in Q3 with over 300 million. It’s trending among millennials too, and for good reason – it provides stunning visuals and editing capabilities like no other and is simple to use.

This provides a great opportunity for marketers to capitalize from the huge amount of persuasive user generated content published (70 million average photos and videos per day) to the world’s favorite video and photo sharing network. With that in mind, here’s six top ways marketers can really bolster their brand marketing using Instagram. Plus, don’t forget to download our white paper for full and detailed insights into these recommendations.


1. Photo and Video Hashtag Campaigns

Instagram is arguably the most powerful photo content social network – combine this with a killer hashtag campaign and there’s nothing like it for generating brand advocacy and engagement. Yahoo!7 and Goulburn Valley’s #100DaysOfAwesome hashtag campaign was a great example of this.

What’s more, with short-form video content becoming more popular by the day, you could easily imagine an engaging Hyperlapse video hashtag campaign that experientially targets your consumers this year.

2. Socialized Websites

Harnessing the best Instagram user generated content from campaigns and brand advocacy on your own digital channels through curated websites or social hubs is the surefire way to maximize engagement, drive interaction and boost traffic to campaign and product pages. Did you know there is 300% increase in dwell time on web pages that feature social content and interactive apps?


3. E-commerce and Native Advertising

Research shows Instagram-style photos achieve a 25% higher conversion rate than glossy product shots, whilst featuring user generated photos at the point of purchase boosts conversion by up to 7%. Why not try embedding Instagram UGC with contextual calls to action on your website, and quickly see the ROI?

4. Live Events and In-Venue

Good news! The social consumer is connected everywhere they go, and there’s no better time to target them on the big screen at festivals, retail environments, or wherever else you choose. Whether it’s online or at a live event, set-up feeds where real-time content from Instagram and other major social networks is continually updated within the social walls.

5. Obtaining Rights to Use Instagram Content

There’s some killer content you just don’t have the right to use on Instagram. But, I know, you’re just dying to use it. As a Instagram Platform Developer, we’ve worked tirelessly with the Instagram development team to gives brands the opportunity and infrastructure to gain rights securely, so you can stay within the law and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.

6. Optimize Content Marketing

Pivotally, having the ability to tag posts and Instagram photos and videos enables marketers to effectively analyze campaign performance, acquire detailed audience insights, and amass rich actionable data. It’s everything you need to start optimizing your content marketing.


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