Adobe Partners With Wayin

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Today we are announcing some exciting news, Wayin has been accepted as a Business Tier partner of marketing cloud leader Adobe. Discussions with Adobe have been ongoing since we were invited to attend Adobe Summit in March. To understand why, let’s take a moment to look at Adobe’s journey.

Adobe has evolved from having a leadership position in content tools with the Adobe Creative Cloud, to a leadership position in both content and data with the addition of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The 2009 acquisition of cloud analytics leader Omniture was the start of that evolution, and just last week Adobe strengthened its Marketing Cloud with acquisition of marketing automation vendor Marketo.

The Experience Economy

The 2017 Adobe Summit theme was one of empowering businesses to create digital experiences. In a world where the flip side of digital disruption is digital opportunity, the agility companies’ display in re-inventing business processes with new ways to connect with customers and deliver world-class services using digital technology has never been so important. Adobe’s intention is to deliver tools to organizations to make it easy to combine creative content and customer data to create exceptional business experiences. Adobe calls this the Experience Cloud and it is the sum of all their products and services.

Adobe’s belief is that data is the foundation of great experiences and context is the starting line. Experiences need to be designed at speed and to be delivered at scale. Brad Rencher, the Executive Vice President and General Manager, of the Digital Marketing Business Unit at Adobe Systems, reinforced the point that the Experience Cloud was supported by a robust partner ecosystem during his keynote.

The Wayin Partnership

This context is important to understand the background to the Wayin relationship. Wayin has developed an ‘AppStore’ of pre-built data collecting marketing experiences that business users can easily configure, customize and publish to Adobe Experience Manager powered websites, as well as to other channels such as Social Stories on Instagram, Facebook and Snap as well as IAB Ad Units. This supports Adobe’s mission to empower non-technical marketers to create experiences at speed and scale.

Wayin Digital campaign CMS

Marketers need agility to be effective in responding to market opportunities. Whilst many digital experiences are built for the long term and there is plenty of time to consider the set-up, build and deployment, many experiences need to be configured quickly to meet tight timescales for product launches, seasonal or cultural moments, sponsorships or to support advertising campaigns. That’s where Wayin’s Experience AppStore, with our wizards and editors to empower marketers to quickly create a whole range of marketing use cases, helps to power the experience economy. And with these experiences supporting paid, owned and earned channels it also reinforces the need to deliver exceptional digital experiences in an omni-channel world.

Data is the Foundation of the Experience Economy

The types of experiences Wayin has in its AppStore allow for the collection of what Forrester calls ‘Zero Party Data’ and Adobe calls ‘Explicit Data’. Wayin powered quizzes, surveys, product pickers, competitions, challenges, instant wins, conversational forms, and 75+ other mechanics allow marketers to get information directly from consumers about their preferences, characteristics and desires. This can then be used to personalize marketing communications much more effectively.

“Zero Party Data is data a customer intentionally and proactively shares with your brand. When marketers use inferred data to customize communications, there’s a very real chance they’ll get it wrong.”

Fatemeh Khatibloo, Principal Analyst, Forrester.

Adobe believes in powering 1-to-1 direct relationships at scale. Wayin has the capabilities to collect the data necessary to power contextually relevant personal interactions. In an era where marketers need to fight ever harder for consumer attention, being able to incentivize that engagement with experiences that offer a value exchange in return for the explicit data marketers need is becoming more essential than ever.

Want to learn more about the importance of agility and data for the experience economy?

Forrester Analyst Mark Grannan, author of the Forrester Wave on Web Content Management Platforms and the Forrester Wave on Digital Experience Platforms is the guest speaker on an on-demand webinar entitled, “Agility is King, Data is Queen For The Next Generation of Digital Experience Architectures” that you can register for here.