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Casino Marketing: Ameristar Tests Gamers’ Knowledge to Profile Audience

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Ameristar Hotel & Casino launched a casino marketing campaign using a series of quizzes to test gamers’ knowledge and skills of their favorite table games. The campaign entertains and educates consumers while helping Ameristar gather valuable audience insights and data.

Casino Marketing Campaign: Objectives

  • Increase brand engagement and social sharing
  • Capture audience insights and data for future marketing activities
  • Drive visits to Ameristar venues

Solution: Interactive Quizzes to Profile Audience

With help from Wayin, Ameristar launched four interactive quiz campaigns on a dedicated page on its website.

Followers can test their gambling and gaming knowledge of four top games: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. Participants must answer a series of multiple choice questions based around the rules and scoring methods of the games. After each question, entrants are informed whether they are correct and given a short explanation of the answer.

Casino Marketing - Ameristar Quiz Campaign

Once all questions have been answered, contestants are asked to fill in their name and email address and verify their age to then see their scores. They are then encouraged to share the quiz via Facebook or Twitter as well as attempting the quiz a second time to try and improve their score with their new knowledge.

All four quizzes aim to drive awareness of the games available at the casino venues, and encourage fans to visit the different locations to put their knowledge to the test.

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