APN Boosts Tourism By Providing Personalized Activity Itineraries Using Category Quiz

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To promote Dunedin, one of New Zealand’s must-see cities, APN has published a four-question category quiz to three of its top daily Queensland news sites, where participants can receive their own personalized adventure style based on their quiz responses. The quiz is also supported by a social hub, featuring stunning authentic UGC from Dunedin visitors.


  • Use quiz results to capture audience insights surrounding activity preferences
  • Provide website visitors with an engaging and interactive experience
  • Promote Dunedin as a location hotspot to incentivize tourism
  • Provide itinerary recommendations to drive traffic to Dunedin’s website
  • Leverage authentic UGC to promote the beauty of Dunedin


Known for its historical Maori heritage, its unique wildlife, and the vibrant student city vibe, Dunedin, located in the South Island of New Zealand, makes the perfect tourist destination. To promote Dunedin as a location hotspot, APN published a category quiz to its top three daily Queensland news sites, including Sunshine Coast Daily, Queensland Times, and Toowoomba Chronicle. To support the quiz, each news site features an advertisement takeover on their homepage to direct users to enter the quiz.

With four unique questions, the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ category quiz asked participants to describe their adventure style. Whether they preferred to head to the nearest bar for a glass of wine or would rather exploring the history and architecture of the city, the quiz acts as an engaging and interactive piece of editorial content for website visitors to get involved with.


To drive traffic to Dunedin’s website, upon completion of the quiz participants are provided with their own personalized Dunedin adventure style and recommended activities based specifically on their quiz responses. These results not only provide APN with audience insights surrounding tourist preferences, but also helps to drive traffic to the Dunedin website using relevant call-to-action buttons.

What’s more, to showcase the true beauty of Dunedin, APN embedded a social wall underneath the quiz to feature a selection of authentic UGC from Instagram users, together with stunning photos from Dunedin’s social channels. Readers were encouraged to use the dedicated hashtags #dunnerstunner, #wilddunedin and #createdunedin in their photos, where APN could then filter the best submissions and publish them to the social wall.



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