Bauer Media Case Study

How Bauer Media Boosted Ad Revenue & Won Digital Product of the Year

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From KISS to Kerrang!, That’s Life! to Take a Break, Mellow Magic to Mojo, Bauer Media’s portfolio of household brands have been providing news, gossip and the soundtrack to consumer’s lives for fast approaching 150 years.

What began as a small family business of publishers, producing niche publications such as Angling Times and Motorcycle News, has snowballed into 107 brands, over 100 websites and 50 digital editions, touching the lives of 40 million consumers in 19 different countries worldwide.

However, the rise in online consumption has forever changed the media and publishing landscape we experience today. Consumers demand high-quality free content, not just online, but via digital radio, print publications, television and streaming services.

For those in the media and publishing game this provides a tall challenge. The expectation for free content at the click of the button, contrasted with the sharp rise in ad-blocking software, declining print sales, citizen journalism means pressure is growing while margins get tighter.

As consumer trends evolve, traditional business models are losing out on new digital revenue streams. While this can be a great cause of frustration, for those proactive publishers, who devise interactive strategies to connect with consumers, it needn’t be.

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How did Wayin help Bauer Media connect with consumers and boost revenues

Bauer Media needed to stop advertising and start connecting if they were to reach their revenue goals. Cue Wayin, with a three pronged strategic approach.

  • Drive data capture to shape future marketing efforts
  • Make ad units interactive to increase engagement
  • Boost revenues by selling sponsorship of content directly to brands

To get the full story on how Bauer Media achieved a 52% conversion rate and won Digital Product of the Year, download our Case Study.

Bauer Media Case Study

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