Bauer Media’s FQ Captures Audience Insights With Beauty Awards Voting Activation

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As part of the ‘NZ Best In Beauty 2017’ awards, Bauer Media’s Fashion Quarterly is hosting an interactive voting-activated sweepstakes in association with Farmers, where beauty lovers have the power to vote for their holy-grail products throughout four unique categories.


  • Capture audience insights surrounding beauty preferences from voting results
  • Stimulate online reader engagement with a highly interactive campaign
  • Obtain valuable and actionable audience data for Bauer Media’s Fashion Quarterly


The much anticipated annual Fashion Quarterly ‘NZ Best in Beauty 2017’ awards are back, and they’re bigger and more glamorous than ever. As part of the awards, Bauer Media’s Fashion Quarterly has launched a voting enabled contest in association with Farmers, where beauty lovers can have their say on what they believe is the best beauty product from the given categories.

Out of hundreds of products on the market, beauty experts at Fashion Quarterly have been working hard to carefully select their favorite final few, and now it’s handing the vote over to its dedicated readers. Participants can choose between four categories: face, body, hair or make-up, where they will be taken through a unique journey based on their selection.


Within each category, participants can vote from five different products, and are taken through a series of up to 15 questions. From foundations that promise to make skin flawless, to award winning conditioning shampoos, once participants have chosen their holy-grail beauty products they will be directed to a short form where they must complete their personal details. The form requires participants to submit their name and email address, and gives them the choice to ‘opt-in’ to receive the latest news, fashion and lifestyle updates from Fashion Quarterly, acting as valuable audience data that can later be re-used in marketing material.


Upon submission, participants then have the chance to vote within the remaining categories, and are re-directed to the campaign landing page, where a padlock will appear on the categories they have already voted for. Additionally, to incentivize participation, Fashion Quarterly is giving those who enter the chance to win one of four beauty hampers worth over $500 each, giving every reason to get involved!


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