Bauer Media Launches Multi-Brand Content Hub To Promote New BMW Car Range

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Automotive, Media & Publishing

Following the success of its previous car campaign for Mitsubishi, Bauer Media has launched a new multi-brand campaign hub for BMW. Published seamlessly across 8 of its largest brand websites, the campaign hub; BMW Electric Powers is home to an array of content surrounding BMW i, its new electric car range.


    • Reduce campaign build time and costs, using Wayin to clone and publish the campaign across 8 of its publishing destinations
    • Increase dwell time amongst website visitors
    • Inform visitors and promote BMW’s new electric car range


    To build upon the success of a previous car campaign from Bauer Media, the media company has used Wayin to easily roll out a new multi-brand campaign hub for BMW, publishing the hub across 8 of its brands at speed.

    Currently featured on the websites of Parkers, Today’s Golfer and Car Magazine, the BMW Electric Powers hub hosts a range of informative and interactive content around the new range. From car buyer guides and comparisons, to sweepstakes and engaging video content, the hub is the perfect way to host an array of content and promotional material in one single destination, where readers can browse and explore.

    The microsite could be cloned and localized at speed and scale at the click of a button, allowing Bauer Media to quickly and easily publish the hub to its various destinations. What’s more, this Wayin campaign, and any others are saved to Bauer Media’s personal campaign library, meaning it can be cloned, tweaked, optimized and reused at any time, making the cost reduction possibilities endless.

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