The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2017

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Best digital marketing campaigns 2017

2017 may have been an interesting year, with rompers, fake news and Despacito on loop, but when it came to interactive, digital marketing campaigns, it was a little less tumultuous.

Chatbots finally became useful, major brands pulled digital ad spend, and interactive experiences transformed omnichannel culture. Marketers focused on live visualizations, streaming, UGC collection, and results-driven marketing that was innovative and interactive.

So we did a round-up for you, of the most successful digital marketing campaigns that were even more memorable than salt bae. From driving engagement to data acquisition, increasing sales to maximizing ROI, here’s our best of 2017.

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The Digital Marketing Campaign Categories

  • Best Brand Sponsored Digital Campaign
  • Best Live Experience
  • Best Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign
  • Best Social Data Visualization
  • Most Effective Data Capture
  • Most Engaging UGC Marketing Campaign
  • Best Use of Integration
  • Digital Transformation of the Year
  • Customer Data Award
  • Rookie of the Year
  • The Overall Wayin Winner 2017

The Judges

Our judges assessed the relevancy and success of each digital marketing campaign based on the specific individual categories using the Wayin Platform but also many other criteria, such as overall business results, promotion strategy, design, innovation and much more.

Best digital marketing campaign awards judge panel

So to bid 2017 a fond farewell, and to get some digital campaign inspiration for 2018 take a look at our best of the year. And for all those who didn’t quite make it in this year, never fear, 2018 will be the best year yet for awards! Additions will include those that most effectively harness the power of new and exciting experiences in the Wayin App Store, from social stories to Appverts, conversational forms to stacking multiple digital marketing experiences, keep your eyes open for the entry date!

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