And Disney Boosts Fan Interaction With Movie Inspired Photo Contest

Jessica Williams Broadcast Media, Travel & Tourism

Throughout the exciting release of Disney Pixar’s animated fantasy adventure film, COCO, has partnered with Disney to capture the buzz by launching a voting-activated photo contest, published to its website.


  • Promote, maximize awareness and drive ticket sales during and ahead of the release of the new movie ‘COCO’
  • Generate interaction and engagement amongst website visitors
  • Encourage social sharing to maximize campaign awareness
  • Capture valuable and actionable audience data for Disney and


The premiere of Disney Pixar’s hit new movie, COCO, has already proven to be a huge success. To celebrate the release, capture the best of the social conversation, and to promote the film, and Disney have launched an engaging photo-contest.

The photo contest takes website visitors through three unique stages; a photo submission, jury shortlisting and a public voting stage. The first stage required participants to submit their most creative photos from their family meal, including a description explaining what makes their family so special using the hashtag #MyFamily. Upon submission, participants were required to submit their personal details in the form provided to enable and Disney to capture valuable audience data that could be used within future marketing communications. could easily filter through and publish the best entries to the embedded social hub, where website visitors could share their favorite entries to Twitter and Facebook.

For the second stage of the photo contest, a jury from and Disney Studios shortlisted the best 12 submissions based on the set criteria, ready for the public to vote for their favorite. To drive further online interaction, used Wayin to integrate a third voting stage to its photo-contest, where Disney fans had the power to choose their favorite COCO movie inspired entries.

What’s more, to boost engagement, entice votes and incentivize participation, gave those who entered the chance to win a five day trip for four people, to enjoy COCO’s new inspired experiences.

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