Book Outlet Boosts Interaction Amongst Readers With Lighthearted Quiz Activation

Jessica Williams Retail

Book Outlet is renowned for its engaging monthly loyalty quizzes, and June is no exception with its most recent ‘Dream Library’ quiz activation. Followers can work their way through the quiz to build their dream library, and on completion are provided a personalized classic book recommendation to add to their shelf.


      • Gain a deeper understanding around its audiences book preferences
      • Boost engagement and dwell time on the Book Outlet website
      • Drive personalized book recommendations to incentivize sales


Whilst there are millions of book choices sat on the library shelf, sometimes you simply cannot beat a good old classic. To drive engagement amongst readers, Book Outlet has published a quiz to its website where participants can design their dream library in return for a classic book recommendation. From choosing their perfect reading space, selecting the color scheme that most suits their taste, and deciding how they would organize their books, participants can work their way through eight fun-filled questions to discover which classic novel they should add to their bookshelf.

Whether it be a gothic horror such as Dracula, or a romantic novel like Pride and Prejudice, participants are provided with an all-time classic book based specifically on their quiz responses and preferences. To incentivize online book sales, and to educate readers of the wide range of classic books available at Book Outlet, readers can click on the book front cover to learn more about their book recommendations, and to make their purchases if they wish.

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