Book Outlet Captures Zero-Party Data Using Monthly Rewards Points Giveaway Quiz

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As part of its monthly reward program, Book Outlet has published a quiz campaign to its website to drive loyalty amongst consumers. Aspiring writers can work their way through the quiz to receive a novel rating from Book Outlet, whilst earning 10 reward points towards their next purchase.


      • Reward participants with point giveaways to incentivize engagement and drive sales
      • Pinpoint customers and their interests by capturing zero-party data and marketing opt-ins
      • Inspire customers to write and provide consumers with a fun, interactive online digital experience


For aspiring writers that have only ever dreamt of writing their own novel, Book Outlet is here to lend a helping hand. To engage customers throughout February, Book Outlet has published a loyalty quiz to its website. From choosing the genre of the book, the characters and the novel ending, participants can work their way through eight testing questions to receive their very own book rating from the critics themselves!

To incentivize participation, drive customer loyalty and capture large quantities of valuable audience data, Book Outlet is also giving those who enter 10 reward points to put towards their next book purchase. To confirm their entry, participants must submit their personal details, including their name, email address and country, and can opt-in to receive future marketing emails, providing Book Outlet with valuable zero-party data that can be reused within its CRM strategy.

After submitting their details, participants can view their rating from the critics, which they can share with fellow bookworms through Twitter or Facebook to encourage others to get involved. What’s more, to increase awareness around its 200 best selling novels, Book Outlet is also driving traffic to its other web pages for customers to make their purchases.

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