Book Outlet Enhances Shoppers’ Experience By Recommending Christmas Gifts

Jessica Williams Retail

With millions of books available to buy, it’s hard to know where to start. Book Outlet has launched a Holiday Gift Guide content page to help point shoppers in the right direction when searching for the perfect Christmas gift.


  • Create the ultimate ‘go-to’ space for book lovers to find the ultimate gift
  • Display book recommendations amongst numerous categories to inspire book purchases


Whether readers are fantasy-lovers, sports enthusiasts, or simply love to get creative with a good coloring book, books make the perfect Christmas gift to suit everyone’s individual interests. To make the decision a little easier when deciding on what gift to buy, Book Outlet has created a Holiday Gift Guide to provide book recommendations to cater for everyone on its followers’ shopping lists.

With 12 unique categories, website visitors can select the category which most relates to the genre, age group and interests of the person they’re buying the gift for. From top titles under $5, books for little ones, or books for foodies, Book Outlet has featured a selection of the most popular books for visitors to browse, add to their cart, and directly make their purchases. Not only does this drive book sales, but also acts as the ultimate ‘go-to’ space for book lovers, in turn enhancing their shopping experience.

What’s more, for more indecisive buyers (because there is just so much choice!), Book Outlet is driving website visitors to its gift card page, where they can purchase a gift card of any amount.

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