Book Outlet Launches Monthly Loyalty Quiz Using Rewards Points Giveaway

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Retail

To boost loyalty amongst website visitors and Facebook followers, retailer Book Outlet is hosting a monthly reward program, whereby participants are encouraged to enter the quiz in return for Book Outlet points that they can put towards their purchases.


    • Use monthly point giveaways to reward loyal customers and drive repeat visitation amongst its website and Facebook page
    • Provide customers with an engaging and interactive online digital experience
    • Promote additional point incentives to capture valuable audience data and build CRM database


To engage consumers and to celebrate loyalty amongst its followers, Book Outlet is hosting a monthly quiz on both its website and Facebook page. Each month, visitors can get involved by working their way through a selection of knowledge testing questions, opinion-related questions and other engaging content and challenges in return for reward points.

Throughout this month’s ‘Who Said It?’ quiz, participants are provided with various book-related questions and quotes, where they are required to match any quotes to the applicable author. To educate as well as engage followers, Book Outlet also informs participants of each correct answer as they progress throughout the quiz before heading onto the next question. To incentivize participation, drive customer loyalty and ultimately increase book sales, Book Outlet is also giving those who enter 10 reward points to put towards their next book purchase.

To confirm their entry, participants are required to submit their personal details, including their name, email address and country. And to receive an additional 20 reward points, fans can also opt-in to receive future marketing emails, providing Book Outlet with valuable audience data that can be reused within its CRM strategy.

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