Knowledge building in the customer lifecycle

Build Brand And Product Knowledge Through Interactive Experiences

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Knowledge building campaigns are about turning a name and email address into rich audience insights and qualified leads that you can sell your products or services to. And the road that fast tracks you here is engagement.

This can take many forms, but chiefly it relies on creating a value exchange: you will only gain rich audience insights if you off something in return. Gone are the days of indiscriminate email blasting, as modern consumers already have to fight their way through a constant barrage of communication.

At this stage of the customer journey it’s akin to a first date. You want to tell your prospect a few nice things about yourself, you want to convey your unique selling point and you want to learn about them, their interests, motivations, desires and pain points.

92% of marketers believe first-party data is critical to their growth

Digitally savvy consumers expect to be entertained, engaged and receive something in return for the insights and data they give you. No value exchange, no data. Brands can deliver this through interactive experiences that obtain rich audience insights, profile prospects and aid product discovery.



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Customer Profiling

A name and an email address is great in the CRM, but it’s rich audience insights that will fuel future product sales and help you truly personalize your marketing efforts.

Kiwibank launched a ‘Meet Your Money Self’ interactive quiz that profiled consumers spending habits in return for personalized advice. The rich audience insights gathered enabled hyper-personalized content for retargeting from Kiwibank.

They place Google Analytics script on every page that allowed them to track the drop-off and modify quickly to optimize completion rates. Floodlight tags then enabled targeted remarketing to consumers who did and didn’t complete the quiz.

75% conversion rate


Kiwibank customer profiling quiz

Product Discovery

In constantly evolving and competitive markets with rapid commoditization, brands need to find new and engaging ways to help consumers discover their product and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Personalization strategies that enable consumers to discover the right product for their needs can be delivered out-of-the box by Wayin.

 57% of consumers are willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers

Obtain Rich Audience Insights

Brands can easily incorporate fun and interactive questionnaires that engage huge amounts of consumers and deliver qualitative results into their knowledge building strategy.

Reckitt Benckiser brand; Air Wick published a customized questionnaire to help inform its decision around future candle and scent product development. The interactive experience captured demographic, purchase motivation and product design consideration data sets. This efficient and effective online research approach replaced traditionally costly and lengthy research techniques.

15k unique entries for Air Wick from target demographic


Air Wick Interactive Campaign

Download this playbook to enable your business to profile customers, aid product discovery and load the CRM with rich audience insights at speed and scale. All done through the medium of interactive experiences that deliver tangible value exchange for the consumer to boost your knowledge building campaigns.


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