Cherokee Media Launches Carpool Karaoke Challenge Poll Ahead Of UCW 2018

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Automotive

With Used Car Week 2018 just around the corner, Cherokee Media has created the ultimate Carpool Karaoke Challenge to drive anticipation and inspire sign-ups for the five-day automotive event. Participants can select their favorite carpool karaoke video and can check out the live poll results to see who’s racing to the top of the leaderboard!


  • Drive sign-ups for the Used Car Week 2018 conference
  • Create a little lighthearted entertainment to boost anticipation ahead of the event


Hosted in Scottsdale, Arizona, Used Car Week brings together a host of world-leading brands and industry leaders to discuss current and predicted trends amongst the automotive industry. To promote the annual event and increase sign-ups (as well as create a little friendly competition!), Cherokee Media is entertaining readers with a Carpool Karaoke Challenge poll activation.

Website visitors can take a few minutes to watch both teams’ carpool karaoke video clips before voting for their favorite. Whether the girls take the lead with their hilarious antics whilst singing ‘The Man’ by The Killers, or perhaps the boys win with their guitar-played song ‘Homegrown’ by Zac Brown Band, participants can vote for their favorite carpool karaoke video. Before confirming their vote, participants can also join in on the fun by submitting a link to a video from Vimeo or YouTube featuring their top carpool karaoke moments. Readers can also opt-in to be kept informed of the latest Used Car Week updates.

Upon submitting their vote, Cherokee Media is also driving sign-ups for the conference by including a ‘Register Now’ call-to-action button on the confirmation page for those who have not already secured their place at the five-day automotive event. What’s more, participants can check out the live poll results to see which team is topping the leaderboard, and can watch the promotional video for Used Car Week 2018.

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