Clear Eyes Celebrates Memorable Moments With Inspiring Meme Generator Campaign

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Together with Dress for Success® Worldwide, Clear Eyes has published an inspiring meme generator campaign to its website, and is using Wayin to host a plethora of content, including photo galleries, video footage and much more. To celebrate life’s most memorable moments, website visitors can browse the site to get inspired, and can create their own customized cards to share their shining moments.


      • Drive website engagement using a fun, interactive experience
      • Host inspiring stories from brand advocates to promote Clear Eyes
      • Partner with Dress for Success® Worldwide to empower women’s economic independence


Behind our eyes, everyone has a unique story to share. To celebrate the memorable moments in life that truly make us shine, eye care brand; Clear Eyes has partnered with Dress for Success® Worldwide, to launch a meme generator to capture its followers’ unique stories and ‘shining moments’.

Before creating their own customized card, website visitors can get inspired by browsing the content hosted within the campaign page. With a selection of content galleries featuring video footage and photos covering the Nolcha Fashion Show, NYC pop-up gallery, Art Basel and much more, visitors can explore and share their favorite content to social media. After exploring, visitors can then click on the ‘Share Your Shining Moment’ call-to-action to start creating their meme.

With predetermined text set to inspire stories, participants can type what their most memorable life moments were. Whether it be completing a marathon, getting their dream job, or traveling to a new destination, no matter how big or small, Clear Eyes welcomes all of life’s special moments. To confirm their entry, participants have the option to add a signature and customize their tile by selecting their favorite color; red, blue or turquoise. All entries are then published to the #MyShiningMoment gallery, where website visitors can browse through the submissions.

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