Corus Entertainment Kicks Off The New Year With A Shareable Animal-Inspired Quiz

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Broadcast Media

Corus Entertainment is kicking off the new year with an entertaining, shareable personality quiz published to its website. Visitors and viewers are taken through a series of questions, where on completion of the quiz they can discover which pet is most suited to them and their lifestyle.


    • Drive and perpetuate website visits via a fun, shareable experience
    • Encourage social sharing across Twitter and Facebook to drive website traffic and maximize campaign reach


Thinking of becoming a fur baby parent anytime soon? Corus Entertainment’s television network, Slice, is lending a helping hand in choosing the ideal pet based on their personality and lifestyle commitments with its latest interactive quiz.

Published to its website, participants can work their way through 10 multiple choice questions, whether it be noting their current living situation, selecting which personality traits they would love to find in a furry companion, or choosing their all-time favorite animal movie. On completion of the quiz, participants are provided with a recommendation on the type of pet that would most suit the owner and their lifestyle based on their quiz score. With a short description to accompany the result, the campaign is perfect for animal-lovers looking to starting their journey searching for a life-long companion.

On completion of the quiz, participants are provided with social sharing actions to Twitter and Facebook, where they can share their results and encourage other animal lovers to get involved.

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