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CPG Client Reduces Email Opt-In Acquisition Costs By 84%

Danny O'Reilly CPG, FMCG, Zero-Party Data

From detergent to dairy products, soft drinks to snacks, CPG brands manufacture the products that touch consumer’s lives every day.

However market-saturation and the evolving tastes of consumers from pre-packaged goods to organic and more local fare have presented many challenges for CPG brands in an already ultra-competitive space.

For CPG brands dedicated to building meaningful and lasting connections with consumers this is a time of digital opportunity. By leveraging interactive marketing experiences that offer a tangible value exchange in return for preference insights and purchase intentions, CPG brands can still be relevant in the hearts-and-minds of modern consumers, and grow market share.

The solution to re-connecting with consumers and creating the products they truly love is through zero-party data acquisition.

For the uninitiated, zero-party data is not first-party data with a “our best detergent yet” rebrand. First-party data is collected during product sales and includes things like past purchases, mailing address, date of birth and the like. All valuable information, but it’s purchase history, rather than future purchasing intentions.

The 4 Types of Data

It is possible for marketers to collect consumers motivations, intentions, interests, and preferences at speed and scale, directly and proactively shared by the customer. And this data powers truly-personalized marketing, improves engagement and ultimately drives revenue. Getting to know customers, and collecting the kind of granular information that digital disruptors like Dollar Shave Club, The Honest Company and Casper.

A behemoth CPG brand that works with Wayin did just that.

A world-leading CPG brand works with Wayin to collect consumer insights and marketing opt-ins through interactive experiences.

Through a combination of social stories, polls, quizzes, sweepstakes and giveaways, that incorporate incentive mechanics, the CPG brand have been collecting first- and zero-party data at scale.

In its most recent campaign, rapidly launched and configured from the Wayin Experience Library, the brand were able to see an 84% reduction in email opt-in acquisition costs and collect the data they need to better personalize future marketing efforts and improve product development.

84% reduction in email opt-in acquisition costs


Zero-Party Data Maturity Model

Collect compliant first-party and preference data at scale that build lasting and meaningful connections with consumers

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