Crystal Farms Uses Interactive Campaign Hub To Engage Website Visitors

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To put a smile on the faces of cheese-fans everywhere, Crystal Farms has published the ultimate campaign hub to its website, including a fun, cheese-inspired quiz for visitors to get involved with, together with a social gallery featuring the best cheesy culinary creations submitted by fans.


  • Drive authentic UGC to promote product versatility of Crystal Farms cheese
  • Maximize campaign reach through social sharing across Twitter and Facebook
  • Provide website visitors with an interactive and engaging experience
  • Use the dedicated hashtag #CheeseLove to drive social conversation


Whether it be strong, flavorsome stilton, or simply a good-old cheddar, many of us will admit to having a slight cheese obsession. So, to please all cheese-lovers, and to coincide with its selection of mouthwatering cheesy recipes featured on its website, Crystal Farms is driving online engagement with its #CheeseLove social hub by asking to see all of its customer’s best dishes using its products, from delicious slow cooker beer cheese soup to five layer taco dips. Participants can submit their photo and dish caption using the dedicated hashtag #CheeseLove through Twitter or Instagram for the exciting chance to be featured on the social gallery within its website.


To further maximize engagement across website visitors, Crystal Farms has also embedded an interactive quiz to help fans discover their ‘inner cheese’. Cheese lovers are taken through a series of nine unique questions in relation to their cheese preferences with four multiple-choices available. From choosing their favorite cheese-inspired emoji, to selecting the social network they most frequently use, Crystal Farms are able to gain useful insights into their audience via their unique responses.


Once participants have completed the quiz, they will be presented with their result in relation to which cheese represents them best. Crystal Farms has also included social sharing actions to Twitter and Facebook, where participants can share their quiz result with their friends, ultimately increasing audience reach and driving campaign sharing.


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