Product Update: Custom Order UGC on Social Content Displays

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At Wayin, we have always championed brands using social posts from advocates to enhance their storytelling capabilities. However, the discovery, curation, publishing and moderation of high-quality user-generated content is time and resource expensive, and impractical for modern, fast-paced businesses. Not to mention ordering the flow of content to tell a compelling brand story.

The Challenge

Since UGC is organic, and for the most part, out of the brands control, marketers have little influence on the order or flow of content. And the modus operandi of authentic UGC is it arrives when it arrives. And for organized marketers, this presents a real challenge for telling their brand story in a cohesive and controlled fashion.

The Solution

It might sound like pie-in-the-sky utopia for marketers, but the solution is to allow brands to collate and re-order their hard-earned UGC, social posts and branded content into a custom playlist. Which best portrays the story the brand wants to amplify.

Creating a custom playlist of UGC you have gathered from fans and influencers that most effectively tells compelling, authentic and organic brand stories.

Putting The Theory Into Reality

Guess what? Wayin has your back, empowering brands to enable custom ordering of content with easy to use drag-and-drop functionality. Create displays that seamlessly showcase brand content, social posts and entries, all in one stunning visualization. Then choose between custom ordering, chronological or when the content was approved and published. A simple solution to a tricky task.

In Practice

It’s one thing iterating a product, and getting it to release, but it’s a whole other ball game having it deliver tangible results for real clients. So here’s a couple of use cases from leading brands on how custom playlists can solve the brand storytelling headache.

Use Case #1: MLB

During several live games, Major League Baseball took professional photos themselves, as well as asking fans to upload their own, and tag with dedicated hashtag. They then created streams and social walls to aggregate fan posts and images, to showcase on large screens at games. Since the content is aggregated from various social channels, to truly capture the essence of the game, MLB re-ordered the content to tell a cohesive and compelling story.

MLB social wall

Use Case #2: CP24

As one of Canada’s leading news organizations, CP24 needed to highlight social posts live on air during their plethora of news shows. Reporters add content into collections for the show producers to choose from, and reorder based on the story they are telling. What’s more, journalists can add content to the bottom of published content, without impacting the content agreed to make the live show, maintaining the correct running order.

CP24 live broadcast with UGC

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