Daily Mail Australia Celebrates 4 New Tim Tam Flavors With Sponsored Social Hub

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Gelato Messina has teamed up with Tim Tam to release 4 new ice-cream inspired biscuit flavors. To celebrate this exciting news, Daily Mail Australia has partnered with Tim Tam to publish a sponsored social hub to the ‘Femail’ section of its MailOnline website, combining video, UGC and sweepstakes forms to maximize engagement.


  • Utilize the dedicated hashtag #timtammessina to inspire social conversation and UGC creation
  • Increase visitor dwell time on the MailOnline website
  • Capture valuable audience data and marketing opt-ins
  • Obtain feedback surrounding the 4 new ice-cream inspired Tim Tam flavors


Tim Tam is an iconic Aussie biscuit from Arnott’s, famous for its deliciously creamy chocolate centre, and (more importantly), the well-known ‘Tim Tam slam’. Upon the announcement of releasing 4 brand new flavors, including black forest, choc mint, coconut and lychee, and salted caramel and vanilla, Daily Mail is celebrating by capturing the hype in a social hub published to its MailOnline website.

Daily Mail combined the power of video, UGC and sweepstakes on it’s MailOnline website and to incentivize participation, is giving 5 lucky readers the chance to win a year’s supply of Tim Tam’s, (what more could you want?). To get involved, participants are required submit their personal details, and must write their reaction to hearing about the new Gelato Messina Tim Tam flavors in just 5 words or less. This enables Daily Mail to receive feedback on the new flavors, as well as obtain valuable audience data that can be reused in future marketing communications.

Daily Mail Australia and Tim Tam

As part of the promotion, Daily Mail also published a video gallery showcasing Australia’s reactions to tasting the new Tim Tam flavors, and embedded a social wall to the campaign page to feature the very best authentic UGC. Using the dedicated hashtag #timtammessina, Daily Mail can inspire the creation of content, and can filter through and publish posts to the social wall ready to be shared across social.

Daily Mail Australia and Tim Tam

What’s more, Daily Mail has also included a selection of mouthwatering Tim Tam inspired dessert recipes for website visitors to browse and cook-up. From coconut and lychee cheesecake, to salted caramel and vanilla cupcakes, readers are spoilt for choice when it comes to making their Tim Tam creation.


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