DAS Companies Celebrates Wilson’s 50th Anniversary With Trivia Reveal Campaign

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What a better way to kick-start the new year than with a 50th anniversary celebration! DAS Companies is capitalizing on the occasion by launching a 30 day trivia reveal campaign live throughout January to drive engagement, capture valuable first-party data, and drive repeat website visitation for its brand, Wilson.


      • Use daily reveals to drive repeat audience engagement and website visitation
      • Capture valuable first-party data and marketing opt-ins
      • Understand audience insights surrounding driving and travel arrangements for more targeted future marketing communications


To celebrate Wilson’s 50th anniversary, DAS Companies is putting its followers’ knowledge to the test this January with 30 trivia questions, including fun facts and questions surrounding the Wilson brand from its 50 years of service. Whether it be listing Wilson’s two iconic brand colors, to knowing where the Wilson name came from, a new trivia question is revealed each and every day to drive engagement amongst its followers.

To incentivize participation and drive repeat website visitation, DAS Companies is giving away a brand new Wilson Antenna behind every tile. For the chance to win the daily prize, followers can unlock each window throughout January to reveal the trivia question, and can submit their answer within the form provided. To capture valuable first-party data, Wilson is also asking participants to submit their personal details, including their name and email address, and must select which type of driver they are; professional, business, or leisure. Once participants have completed the form, they can also opt-in to join the RoadPro Rewards lifestyle, loyalty community.

Need some help? Wilson has even included a call-to-action directing visitors to its homepage for hints and tips, so there’s a chance for everyone to win!

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