DAS Companies Uses Instant Win Prize Incentives To Boost Data Acquisition

Jessica Williams Automotive

As part of its series of ‘Spin To Win’ campaigns, DAS Companies is encouraging Facebook fans to try their luck and get involved in its most recent Slot Machine instant win experience. With various prizes up for grabs to get followers ready for Fall, participants have every reason to get involved.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Drive online interaction by surprising and delighting fans with instant win prizes
  • Use the incentive of instant win to capture valuable first-party data
  • Understand audience insights surrounding driving arrangements for more targeted future marketing communications

Instant Win Slot Machine Solution

As Summer reaches its conclusion and Fall begins to make an appearance, DAS Companies is ensuring its followers are all geared up for the approaching colder months. To drive engagement amongst its audience and boost first-party data collection, DAS Companies published a Slot Machine experience to its RoadPro Facebook page. With Instant Win capabilities, users have the excitement of learning whether they have won a prize moments after taking their spin.

To capture valuable first-party data, users must complete the form provided by submitting their personal details for the chance to spin and win. RoadPro is also asking participants to select which type of driver they are; professional, business, or leisure, before choosing to opt-in to join the RoadPro Rewards lifestyle loyalty program.

Now for the chance to win! Participants can select the ‘Spin’ button on the Slot Machine to begin playing. Whether their spin was unsuccessful and land on 3 unique items, or hit jackpot with three-in-a-row, using Wayin capabilities, DAS Companies can determine the odds of who wins! Participants are then directed to a confirmation page to inform them whether or not they have won, and are encouraged to enter their sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the Daytona 500. Who will win? Let Wayin play dice.

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