DAS Companies Launches Spin-To-Win Contest To Activate First-Party Data Collection

Jessica Williams Automotive

To drive loyalty amongst consumers and incentivize first-party data collection, DAS Companies published a highly engaging spin-to-win activation to its RoadPro website. As part of its rewards scheme, RoadPro is giving away a number of bonus points to those who participate – but what section they land on determines how many bonus points they get!

Campaign Objectives:

  • Drive online interaction by surprising and delighting fans with instant win prizes
  • Use the incentive of instant win to capture first-party data
  • Understand audience insights surrounding driving and travel arrangements for more targeted future marketing communications

Spin-To-Win Solution

Following from the huge success from last year’s Spin-To-Win campaign, DAS Companies has launched its trailblazing campaign for the second year running to continue to drive engagement amongst its consumers. Hosted on its RoadPro website, the campaign uses loyalty point incentives to activate engagement.

To capture valuable first-party data, RoadPro is asking participants to begin their entry by submitting their personal details within the form provided, including their name and email address. After accepting the T&C’s, participants must then select which type of driver they are; professional, business, or leisure.

Now for the fun part! Participants can click on the ‘Spin-To-Win’ button to begin playing. So whether they land on zero points, or 5,000, using Wayin capabilities, DAS Companies can determine the odds. Participants are then directed to a confirmation page to inform them whether or not they have won, and the winners are sent a confirmation email with their prize details. Who will win? Let Wayin play dice.

To maximize participation, DAS Companies has included social sharing actions, where participants can encourage others to get involved through Twitter or Facebook.

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