Data Collection In Digital Advertising And Social Stories

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As click-through rates for digital advertising has languished at a lowly 0.06% for several years, brands require a new way to connect with digital consumers. But the nadir for digital advertising wasn’t the medium, more the method.

As internet users have grown up, traditional digital advertising has not matured with them. In the scramble for eyeballs, brands sought to push their message wider and louder into increasingly intimate contexts without thinking about how to actually engage with the modern consumer. And as a direct consequence, a status quo of banner-blindness and ad blocking tech adoption ensued.

The answer isn’t to fire out even more ads, but to find a way to allow users to engage with content within the ad, without interfering with their online experience. Fortunately Wayin has the solution.

Interactive Social Stories With Data Capture

Social Stories have rapidly become the newsfeed for socially savvy consumers. Flexible and timely, they beat any algorithm shifts as they appear chronologically, and crucially encourage direct engagement over passive consumption.

These snapshots and playful videos are boasting engagement rates 2-3x higher than traditional posts and are seen by more sets of eyeballs.

However there’s a disconnect, upon swiping up on current iterations ads in Social Stories landing pages take 5 seconds to load. A user experience issue for the instant gratification generation.

Wayin-powered Social Stories call-to-action pages load instantly, keeping your audience engaged and increasing conversions. From user-generated content to quizzes, live polls to meme generators, these real-time marketing campaign types can be easily embedded into fast loading interactive landing pages to help you rise above the noise and drive action.

5x faster loading call-to-action pages

By embedding data capture mechanics into Social Stories, brands can collect huge amounts of actionable data. Collecting this uber-relevant information and rich audience insights on potential customers at speed and scale will help you understand more about their motivations, intentions, interests and preferences and fuel future marketing activities.

Wayin-powered social stories


Live Experiences With Data Capture In Ad Units

With Wayin, brands can enjoy the best of both worlds: the reach of traditional ad targeting, complemented by live experiences that seamlessly integrate into the ad unit itself.

Consumers are evermore scrupulous when it comes to engaging with an ad, or handing over their personal data and preferences. And redirecting them to a landing page is one of the quickest ways to vanquish consumer trust and guarantee yourself a huge uptick in bounce rates.

When a user interacts with a Wayin-powered ad unit, the experience is delivered fully within the ad framework in real-time. No landing pages, no slow loading times and no interrupting of the content experience your user is enjoying.

14x higher CTR for Wayin-powered ad units

Whether a questionnaire, giveaway, poll or sign-up, by leveraging these interactive experiences that incorporate incentive mechanics, brands can quickly and easily collect PII data and preference insights to deliver more personalized marketing at scale.

Whether a placement on the smallest smartphone, or large desktop device you can deliver experiences your customers will want to engage with.


Wayin-powered live experiences for ad units


The Rise Of The Zero-Party Data Economy

Download our latest white paper to see more examples of how to collect zero-party data from social stories and ad units