Delaware North Launches UGC-Powered Social Hubs Across Its Property Websites

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To integrate social depth amongst its various websites as a way of driving engagement and consumer online interaction, Delaware North has published a series of UGC-powered social hubs, displaying a selection of envy-inducing content from travelers. And, with already 300,000+ accumulative social wall views across these property websites over the past few months, the social hub solution has been a proven hit amongst visitors.

WARNING: After this you will probably spend the next 24 hours of your time looking up which outdoor vacation destination to book next!


  • Encourage website visitors to book more outdoor adventures by engaging and intriguing prospective consumers with authentic social content
  • Drive UGC creation and sharing across multiple social channels to act as word-of-mouth promotion for each location
  • Drive traffic and increase following amongst Delaware North’s various social profiles
  • Integrate social depth amongst branded content to increase user dwell-time
  • Maintain a consistent brand style across various Delaware North’s property websites


Delaware North, the ultimate management organization that has consumers covered with everything from food service to lodging, has integrated the perfect social space within its property websites, including Lizard Island, Elquestro and Tenaya Lodge to date.


Amongst each website, Delaware North is using its consumers as its best brand advocates, capitalizing on the authentic UGC it receives from travelers. Using Wayin, Delaware North has published numerous visually eye-catching social hubs to its website properties to maximize engagement amongst potential consumers, and in turn increase user dwell-time. From getting their adventure on in El Questro Wilderness Park, to experiencing the crystal clear waters amongst Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Delaware North is getting travelers to connect with them predominantly via Twitter and Instagram by sharing envy-inducing photos from their vacations. In order to filter and publish the best and most relevant content for each website, Delaware North has included a dedicated hashtag for each website, for example, #LizardIsland, #ElQuestro and #TenayaLodge.

To increase audience reach and maximize promotion for each stunning location, social sharing actions are also featured within the social hub, where website visitors can share their favorite photos with their friends directly to Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.


By integrating and continuously updating its property websites with authentic UGC, this creates the perfect blend of informative branded content and engaging visual content. And, to ensure a cohesive brand look and feel, each website has a custom style theme directly from the Wayin platform.


Delaware North has already achieved 300,000+ accumulative social wall views across these property websites over the past few months.


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