Sessions Not To Be Missed At This Year’s Digital Summit In Denver

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Digital Summit Denver, a two day digital marketing gathering showcasing some of the leading names in the industry, including Netflix, Google, Twitter, Home Depot, Nasa and many more, takes places tomorrow and Wednesday and the Wayin crew will be attending in full force.

The conference is packed with sessions covering data and content, storytelling and search. To help you get started we have picked out our top eight sessions not to be missed.

Tuesday 17th July
8.30am – 12.30pm

Develop a Facebook Advertising Strategy to Reach Your Best Prospects

  • Understand the differences between ad types, bidding optimizations, and ad placement
  • Fine tune your targeting to reach the best possible audience
  • Fit the newest types of ads into your marketing strategy
  • Create Instagram ads with the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Use the Facebook pixel works for tracking and retargeting
  • Split testing your ads and diving into the reports so you save money

Tuesday 17th July
2.30pm – 3pm

Five Steps to Lifecycle Marketing Success

  • Think beyond the basics of promoting your content
  • Better understand the vast number of opportunities to amplify your content
  • Identify the secret techniques of the content marketing experts driving the most traffic

Tuesday 17th July
3.20pm – 3.50pm

Technology’s Impact On Visual Storytelling Through Pre-Visualization

  • Properly identify and segment your site visitors based on what you know (and even what you don’t know)
  • Immediately increase the ROI of paid acquisition campaigns with only a fraction of the effort
  • Increase down-funnel conversions by over 200% with dynamic calls-to-action

Tuesday 17th July
5pm – 5.30pm

Story Matters: How to Create Story-Based Content

  • Create more engaging content to keep your audience engaged to consume more and return
  • Implement a repeatable process for crafting story-based content
  • Uncover customer insights to develop meaningful stories based on personas and buyer journeys
  • Map brand attributes to a distinctive brand voice

Wednesday 18th July
9.20am – 9.50am

Digital to Physical: Connecting The Dots In An Omni-Channel World

  • Gain a better understanding of consumer expectations around omni-channel
  • Understand best-in-class examples of brands connecting the dots to create powerful omni-channel experiences
  • Get a glimpse into where omni-channel is heading next as it converges with emerging tech like AI, chatbots, AR and IoT
  • Learn how to start connecting the dots for your brand

Wednesday 18th July
11.10am – 11.40am

Programmatic Evolved: Using Artificial Intelligence to Target, Measure, Convert, & Repeat

  • How to nail a short, yet effective strategy
  • How to perform deep content topic ideation to capture organic traffic
  • Magic of a Hub & Spoke content model
  • Why search engine optimization is more critical than ever
  • Content you are not producing but should
  • Learn how to move past pressing “Publish” on content that doesn’t move the needle, and learn strategies to catapult your results and see just how potent content marketing can be for your business.

Wednesday 18th July
12.50pm – 2.05pm

Facebook Ads: Mastering the Power of the Demographic Fire Hose

  • Know how to translate your customer journey into the structure of Facebook advertising
  • Understand tracking, optimization, and bidding strategies
  • Distinguish between the campaign types and creative possibilities, and how/when to use what type
  • Find new ways to leverage your existing customers and fans to acquire new ones

Wednesday 18th July
3.10pm – 3.40pm

CRM Technology is Critical to the Customer Journey

  • Use your CRM platform to connect customer data and map user journeys
  • Automate personal interactions with your customers to increase sales
  • Implement a framework developing a short-term strategy that compliments the long-term business goals
  • Successfully work with stakeholders in a matrixed organization

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